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Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook (Donald R Vance) Hardcover Book, (Hendrickson, 2017) 9781619708914
Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook (Donald R Vance) Hardcover Book, (Hendrickson, 2017) 9781619708914
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Title: Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook

Author: Vance, Donald R

Additional Authors or Contributors: George Athas, Yael Avrahami, Jonathan G. Kline

Publisher: Hendrickson; Publication Date: 2017

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781619708914

Volumes: 1; Pages: 255

List Price in Hardcover: $29.95 Our price: $17.99

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Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook is a "one-stop shop" for anyone who is studying Biblical Aramaic or seeking to retain the knowledge they have already acquired. A wonderful resource for both professors and students, Biblical Aramaic: A Reader & Handbook effectively empowers students to be able to read the Bible's Aramaic texts with comprehension, ease, and enjoyment, and to sustain a solid, lasting command of the language long after their formal study has ended. Split into two main sections - a Reader and word lists - this is an essential tool for anyone who wants to read the Aramaic portions of the Bible with understanding and confidence, and to maintain this ability over the long term.

Created by a team of scholars: Donald R. Vance (PhD), George Athas (PhD), Yael Avrahami (PhD), and Jonathan G. Kline (PhD).


Reader with running apparatus:

- Complete text of the Aramaic portions of the Bible.

- Contextual glosses and parsing for words in Biblical Aramaic that occur fewer than 25 times (= 94% of all vocabulary), and parsing for all verb forms, regardless of number of occurrences.

- Full, clear parsing abbreviations.

An extensive array of unique, pedagogically effective word lists:

-All the verbs in Biblical Aramaic are listed by stem and type of root, by frequency of root and attested form, and more.

All words are grouped by part of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, particles, etc.), including idiomatic phrases.

- All suffixed forms in Biblical Aramaic are presented according to suffix.

- Includes frequency lists for all words, which note the predominant forms in which words occur.

- Includes lists of homonyms, loanwords, and more.
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