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Servant of God, Revised ed (Walther Zimmerli Joachim Jeremias) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2009) 9781608990344
Servant of God, Revised ed (Walther Zimmerli Joachim Jeremias) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2009) 9781608990344
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Title: Servant of God, Revised ed

Author: Zimmerli, Walther Joachim Jeremias

Publisher: Wipf and Stock; Publication Date: 2009

Paperback; ISBN: 9781608990344

Edition: Revised Volumes: 1; Pages: 126

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Table of ContentsPreface to the Second Edition 7 Abbreviations 9 Zimmerli I The In The Old Testament 11 1. The Profane Use of The Title 11 li the slave 11 lii The in the service of the king 12 liii as a description of political submission 14 liv as a humble self-description 14 lv The sanctuary servants 14 2. In Religious Usage 15 i as the humble self-description of the pious in the presence of his God 15 ii 'Servants of Yahweh' in the plural as denoting the pious 18 iii in the singular as a description of Israel 19 iv as a title for specially distinguished figures 20 v The Suffering Servant of Deutero-Isaiah 25 Zimmerli II Translations In The LXX 37 1. The Translations In The LXX 37 2. The Translation of Servant of God Passages in Deutero-Isaiah 42 Jeremias III ( ); In Late Judaism In The Period After The LXX 45 1. The Twofold Meaning of ( ); 45 i ( ); = 'child of God' 45 ii ( ); = 'servant of God' 46 2. The Persistence of The O.T. Religious Usage of 47 i ( ); as self-descriptive of the worshipper 47 ii The plural? servants of God' 48 iii The collective linguistic use 49 iv ( ); as a title of honour for outstanding instruments of God 49 v 'Servant of God' as denoting the Messiah 51 3. Interpretations of The Deutero-Isaiah 'Servant of God' Passages 52 i Hellenistic Judaism 53 ii Palestinian Judaism 55 (a) The collective interpretation 55 (b) Application to the prophet Isaiah 57 (c) Messianic exegesis 59 Jeremias IV ( );) In The New Testament 1. ( ); As A Predication of Jesus 81 i The origin of the predication 81 ii The meaning of the predication 86 iii The semantic change from 'servant of God' to 'child of God' 86 2. Christological Interpretations of The Servant Texts of Deutero-Isaiah In The New Testament 88 i The evidence 88 ii The historical setting in the life of the early church 94 3. Can Jesus Have Referred The Servant Passages of Deutero-Isaiah to Himself? 99 Bibliography 107 Index of Authors 113 Index of Biblical References 117
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