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Lukan Theology in the Light of the Gospel's Literary Structure (Douglas S McComiskey) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2004) 9781597527866
Lukan Theology in the Light of the Gospel's Literary Structure (Douglas S McComiskey) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2004) 9781597527866
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Title: Lukan Theology in the Light of the Gospel's Literary Structure

Author: McComiskey, Douglas S

Publisher: Wipf and Stock; Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9781597527866

Volumes: 1; Pages: 422

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Numerous scholars have noted various elements of literary structure in the Gospel of Luke, many of them patterned, such as chiasm. Several of these scholars have rigorously explored the significance of such structure. A common conclusion is that if Luke is consistent with other ancient writers, then the observation of some elements of patterned structure suggests that there are probably more. This book offers a comprehensive literary structure for the Gospel of Luke, thorougly and critically evaluates it, and ultimately focuses on the theology that may be derived from this structure.As groundwork, the Introduction provides rigorous tests for assessing the intentionality behind proposals of parallelism. The first chapter then employs the tests in an evaluation of Robert C. Tannehill's work on Luke-Acts, which is representative of studies on correspondences that are not strictly structural in nature. His contribution enables us to grasp how Luke encourages the reader to read passages in the light of other passages within the Gospel and, accordingly, provides an interpretive aid for our study. The second chapter applies the tests to the Lukan correspondences suggested by Charles H. Talbert, which are inherently structural. His analysis of Luke-Acts and other Greco-Roman literature provides a strong theoretical foundation for the proposal in this book. Chapter three surveys OT, Greco-Roman and NT texts that bear a similar patterned structure to what we discover in Luke.The structure of Luke is presented and carefully evaluated in chapter four, and the theological implications of that structure are developed in chapter five, shedding much fresh light on Lukan theology.ContentsIntroductionChapter 1 Lukan Correspondences from the Literary Perspective of Robert C. Tannehill Chapter 2 Lukan Correspondences Observed by Charles H. Talbert Chapter 3 Analysis of Ancient Literature Relevant to the Structure of Luke Chapter 4 A New Proposal for the Structure and Composition of Luke 4:14-24:53 Chapter 5 Literary and Theological Purposes and Implications of the Proposed Narrative Structure of Luke Chapter 6 ConclusionAppendix A Evaluation of Talbert's Correspondences within Acts Appendix B The Preface to Luke as a Possible Indication of the Gospel's Structural Nature Appendix C The Relationship between Intertextuality and the Theory Espoused in This BookBibliographyIndex of Scripture and Ancient TextsAuthor Index
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