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Pentecostal Origins: Early Pentecostalism in Ireland in the Context of the British Isles (James Robinson) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2011) 9781597527699
Pentecostal Origins: Early Pentecostalism in Ireland in the Context of the British Isles (James Robinson) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2011) 9781597527699
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Title: Pentecostal Origins: Early Pentecostalism in Ireland in the Context of the British Isles

Author: Robinson, James

Publisher: Wipf and Stock; Publication Date: 2011

Paperback; ISBN: 9781597527699

Volumes: 1; Pages: 395

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Harvey Cox describes Pentecostalism as "the fascinating spiritual child of our time" that has the potential, at the global scale, to contribute to the "reshaping of religion in the twenty-first century." This study grounds such sentiments by examining at the local scale the origin, development and nature of Pentecostalism in Ireland in its first twenty years. Table of ContentsForeword by Neil Hudson Acknowledgements Abbreviations Maps, Figures and Photographs Introduction Chapter 1 The Roots of British Pentecostalism 1.1 Seminal People and Places 1.2 Influences Shaping British Pentecostalism 1.2.1 Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church 1.2.2 The Keswick Convention 1.2.3 The Welsh Revival Chapter 2 Proto-Pentecostal Currents in Ireland 2.1 The Arrival of the Holiness Message 2.2 The Impact of the Welsh Revival 2.3 The Faith Mission 2.4 The Cooneyites 2.5 The Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion 2.5.1 Zion Arrives in Ireland 2.5.2 Zion and Pentecost Chapter 3 Arthur Booth-Clibborn: Pentecostal Patriarch 3.1 His Introduction to Pentecostalism 3.2 Early Life in Ireland 3.3 The Salvation Army Years 3.4 Engagement with Dowieism 3.5 Transition from Zionism to Pentecostalism 3.6 The Pentecostal Experience in Family Life 3.7 Pacifism and Pentecostals 3.8 Booth-Clibborn's Contribution to Pentecostalism Chapter 4 The Pre-Denominational Phase in Irish Pentecostalism 4.1 The First Pentecostal Assembly 4.2 Four Local Leaders: Their Background and Contribution 4.2.1 Robert J. Kerr 4.2.2 Alex Ferguson 4.2.3 William J. Boyd 4.2.4 James N. Arnold 4.3 Spreading the Message 4.3.1 Robert and Aimee Semple 4.3.2 Jacob Nathan 4.4 Preparing for Advance Chapter 5 George Jeffreys: Background and Role 5.1 George Jeffreys: Profile 5.2 The Making of a Pentecostal Leader 5.3 The Influence of Jeffreys' Background on his Future Ministry 5.4 Two Influential Anglican Irish Pentecostals Chapter 6 The Early Years of Elim (1915-18) 6.1 Events and People Related to Monaghan 6.2 The Role of Women 6.3 Resource Problems 6.3.1 Finance 6.3.2 Premises 6.4 The First Elim Constitution 6.4.1 Elim Christ Church 6.4.2 The Proselytism Issue 6.4.3 Finance 6.4.4 Church Government 6.4.5 Belief and Practice 6.5 Jeffreys in Action 6.5.1 The Ballymena Mission 6.5.2 Hunter Street Convention Chapter 7 The Years of Expansion in Elim (1918-c.1923) 7.1 Membership of the Elim Evangelistic Band 7.2 Impact of Constitutional Changes 7.3 The Initiation and Training of Band Members 7.3.1 Informal Induction 7.3.2 More Formal Induction 7.3.3 The Contribution of the Elim Evangel 7.4 The Spatial Distribution of Elim Work 7.4.1 Outside Belfast 7.4.2 Within Belfast Finance and Manpower Deployment The 'Troubles' The Nicholson Missions 7.5 Conclusion: Vision and Achievement Chapter 8 The Apostolic Church in Ireland 8.1 Apostolic Distinctives 8.2 The Origin of the Apostolic Church 8.3 Establishing the Apostolic Church in Ireland 8.4 The Earliest Apostolic Assemblies 8.4.1 Assemblies Originating in Cottage Meetings 8.4.2 Assemblies Developing through Personal Contact 8.4.3 Independent Groups that Joined the Apostolic Church 8.5 Factors Influencing the Development of the Apostolic Church 8.5.1 The Separatist Nature of the Apostolic Church 8.5.2 The Mix of Welsh Ethos and Bradford Control 8.5.3 Considerations of Social Class and Status 8.5.4 Contention over Prophecy 8.6 The Operation of Prophecy in the Irish Apostolic Church 8.6.1 The Significant Role of Prophecy 8.6.2 The Range of Prophecy 8.6.3 The Control Function of Prophecy 8.7 The Apostolic Option within Pentecostalism Conclusion
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