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Beyond Salvation: Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism on Becoming Like Christ (Edmund J Rybarczyk) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2004) 9781597527323
Beyond Salvation: Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism on Becoming Like Christ (Edmund J Rybarczyk) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 2004) 9781597527323
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Title: Beyond Salvation: Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism on Becoming Like Christ

Author: Rybarczyk, Edmund J

Publisher: Wipf and Stock; Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9781597527323

Volumes: 1; Pages: 426

List Price in Paper: $43.00 Our price: $35.99

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Despite their historical and cultural differences, Eastern Orthodox Christians and Classical Pentecostals share some surprising similarities. Both incorporate holistic approaches to Christian spirituality. Both manifest an organic approach to ecclesiology. Both emphasize that Christianity is not just about being saved. Most strikingly, both traditions embrace the effective and even mystical dimensions of Christian transformation. This study locates both traditions within their cultural and philosophical meta-contexts and suggests avenues of mutual understanding. No longer can these two groups, representing ancient and recent Christian expressions, afford to be strangers.ContentsForewordPrefaceAcknowledgementsAbbreviationsChapter 1Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism: Similarities and SuspicionsInitial ComparisonsJohn Wesley: Pentecostalism's Historical Bridge to Orthodoxy?This Study's Purposes, Presuppositions, and Method ClarifiedChapter 2Orthodox Theologians and Theosis--Athanasius and PalamasAthanasius (A.D. 293-373)The Incarnation and SoteriologyThe Church and ScripturePlatonic InfluencesGregory Palamas (A.D. 1296-1359)The Existential Knowledge of GodThe Essence and Energies of GodPhilosophical DevelopmentsSummaryChristologySalvationThe Human BodyTranscendence vs ImmanenceChurch TraditionChapter 3Orthodoxy's AnthropologyHuman Beings at CreationAdam in Eden: Communal PresuppositionsAdam in Eden: Defining CharacteristicsHuman Passions and the FallHuman Beings after the FallDeath and CorruptionSin as FragmentationSin and the Imago DeiSummary and AnalysisEssentialismOrthodox Tradition and its Cultural ContextChapter 4Theosis' Theological Foundation: ChristologyChrist the One, We the ManyThe Importance of MetaphysicsThe Archetypal Human: Image and LikenessChristology and Anthropology: From Image to IconSummary and AnalysisChristologyIconographyChapter 5The Means of TheosisThe Ecclesiastical Means of TheosisThe MysteriesThe LiturgyThe ChurchThe Unmediated Means of TheosisHesychasm and the Human SoulHesychasm and Existential IntegrationHesychasm and Spiritual GuidanceSummary and AnalysisEcclesiology and Transformation: The Sacramental System LiturgyMysteryThe Unmediated Means of TransformationRamifications for Christian Spirituality and AnthropologyHesychastic PrayerChapter 6The Assemblies of God: Historical and Doctrinal RootsA Brief Historical SketchOrganization and BackgroundsThe Oneness ControversyBaptism with the Holy SpiritSanctificationThe AG's Spiritual Catalysts: Primitivism, Charisma, and PragmatismPrimitivismCharismaPragmatismSummaryChapter 7Pentecostalism's AnthropologyHuman Beings at CreationAdam in Eden: Humanity's Preeminence and God's PurposeAdam in Eden: Defining CharacteristicsHuman Instincts and Sin Human Beings After the FallJuridical Issues: Guilt and JudgmentSin as RuinationSin and the Imago DeiSummary and AnalysisChapter 8Sanctification's Theological FoundationsChristThe Holy SpiritScriptureSummary and AnalysisThe AG's Theological Foundations vis-a-vis its Cultural ContextThe Holy Spirit: Synergy and SubordinationThe Scriptures: AG EpistemologyChapter 9The Means of SanctificationThe First Tributary: Early PentecostalismParallels with OrthodoxyThe Codification Of MoralismsThe Second Tributary: Personal PietyPersonal DevotionsRevivalsThe Third Tributary: Twentieth-Century Western DistinctivesGod's Purpose for One's LifeSpirit-BaptismSummary and AnalysisThe First Tributary: Parallels with OrthodoxyThe First Tributary: The Codification of MoralismsThe Second Tributary: Personal PietyThe Third Tributary: Twentieth-Century Western DistinctivesChapter 10ConclusionsAnthropologyThe Imago DeiHumanity's PreeminenceThe Existential NatureGodCreationTying the Two TogetherBibliographyBooks and MonographsArticlesDissertations, Pamphlets, Theses and Unpublished PapersIndex
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