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Empirical Models for Biblical Criticism (Jeffrey H Tigay) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 1985) 9781597524377
Empirical Models for Biblical Criticism (Jeffrey H Tigay) Paperback Book, (Wipf and Stock, 1985) 9781597524377
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Title: Empirical Models for Biblical Criticism

Author: Tigay, Jeffrey H

Additional Authors or Contributors: Richard Elliott Friedman (Forward)

Publisher: Wipf and Stock; Publication Date: 1985

Paperback; ISBN: 9781597524377

Volumes: 1; Pages: 437

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Modern critical scholarship has concluded that the books of the Hebrew Bible have not reached us in their original form but are the products of lengthy evolution. Many of these books are thought to combine the works of more than one author or age and to have undergone considerable revision.

Tigay and the other contributors use comparisons of various texts from ancient Mesopotamia and post-exilic Israel. Such comparisons show that the sort of development of biblical literature that nineteenth-century critics were led to postulate from close study of the texts alone is characteristic of many ancient Near Eastern texts.

'Empirical Models for Biblical Criticism' is of value to scholars interested in the Old Testament, as well as religion, theology, Jewish studies, Near Eastern studies, and comparative literature.

Table of Contents

The evolution of the pentateuchal narratives in the light of the evolution of the Gilgamesh Epic / Jeffrey H. Tigay

Conflation as a redactional technique / Jeffrey H. Tigay

The composition of 1 Samuel 16-18 in the light of the Septuagint version / Emanuel Tov

Joshua 20 : historico-literary criticism illustrated / Alexander Rofe?

The stylistic criterion of source criticism in the light of ancient Near Eastern and postbiblical literature / Jeffrey H. Tigay

Assimilation in biblical narratives / Yair Zakovitch

The chronicler's use of chronology as illuminated by Neo-Assyrian royal inscriptions / Mordechai Cogan

The literary history of the book of Jeremiah in the light of Its textual history / Emanuel Tov.

"It is sometimes said that little new is offered in source criticism and many studies seem exercises in reductions toward absurdity. This collection is a clear exception. It examines ancient Mesopotamian, biblical, and postbiblical texts that have come down in several versions of different dates, as analogues for what source criticism proposes were the processes of development leading to formation of segments of the Hebrew Bible as well as the criteria employed to reconstruct this process and its stages. ... This is a substantial contribution to a discussion much in need of one."--'Religious Studies Review'

"[This book] is undoubtedly a useful contribution to biblical criticism. It provides new insights into the growth of the tradition and a stimulus to further studies along these lines."--'The Expository Times'

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