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Jesus and the Peasants (Douglas E Oakman) Paperback Book, (Cascade Books, 2008) 9781597522755
Jesus and the Peasants (Douglas E Oakman) Paperback Book, (Cascade Books, 2008) 9781597522755
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Title: Jesus and the Peasants

Author: Oakman, Douglas E

Publisher: Cascade Books; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9781597522755

Volumes: 1; Pages: 348

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While some of the chapters focus on systemic issues, others probe the depths of individual Gospel passages. The author's keen eye for textual detail, archaeological data, comparative materials, and systemic overviews make this volume a joy for anyone interested in understanding Jesus in his own context. The volume is organized into three interrelated parts: 1) political economy and the peasant values of Jesus, 2) the Jesus traditions within peasant realities, and 3) the peasant aims of Jesus.

Table of Contents

List of Figures ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Part I Political Economy and the Peasant Values of Jesus

1. Jesus and Agrarian Palestine: The Factor of Debt 11

2. Jesus and the Problem of Debt in Ancient Palestine 33

3. The Buying Power of Two Denarii (Luke 10:35) 40

4. How Large Is a "Great Crowd"? (Mark 6:34) 46

5. The Ancient Economy 53

6. The Ancient Economy and St. John's Apocalypse 70

7. Money in the Moral Universe of the New Testament 84

8. The Economics of Palestine 98

Part II The Jesus Traditions Within Peasant Realities

9. Social Meaning and Rural Context: The Mustard Seed Parable of Jesus 111

10. Rulers' Houses, Thieves, and Usurpers: The Beelzebul Pericope 118

11. "All the Surrounding Country": The Countryside in Luke-Acts 132

12. Was Jesus a Peasant? (Luke 10:30-35) 164

13. Cursing Fig Trees and Robbers' Dens (Mark 11:12-25) 181

14. The Lord's Prayer in Social Perspective 199

Part III The Peasant Aims of Jesus

15. Models and Archaeology in the Social Interpretation of Jesus 245

16. Jesus the Tax-Resister 280

17. Jesus, Q, and Ancient Literacy in Social Perspective 298

Abbreviations 309

Bibliography 313

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