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Flowering of Old Testament Theology: A Reader in 20th Century Old Testament Theology, 1930-1990 (Ben C Ollenburger) Paperback Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2016) 9781575064604
Flowering of Old Testament Theology: A Reader in 20th Century Old Testament Theology, 1930-1990 (Ben C Ollenburger) Paperback Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2016) 9781575064604
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Title: Flowering of Old Testament Theology: A Reader in 20th Century Old Testament Theology, 1930-1990

Author: Ollenburger, Ben C

Additional Authors or Contributors: E A Martens, G Hasel (eds)

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 2016

Paperback; ISBN: 9781575064604

Volumes: 1; Pages: 560

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Beginning theological students are frequently overwhelmed by the proliferation of volumes dealing with Old Testament theology, to say nothing of the variety of approaches used in these works. Each of the three sections in this volume--designed to ease entry into the field--is introduced by one of the editors in a survey essay that provides the necessary background for theological students.

The first section of this textbook contains, for the first time in English, two influential essays by Otto Eissfeldt and Walther Eichrodt. The second, main section provides two selections from the works of fourteen major Old Testament theologians of the twentieth century. The first excerpt details the theologian's methodology of doing Old Testament theology; the second provides an example of interpretation based upon this methodology. In addition to these excerpts (usually around twenty pages), the editors provide a short introduction and pertinent bibliography for each of the following theologians: Brevard S. Childs, Ronald E. Clements, Walther Eichrodt, Paul D. Hanson, Edmond Jacob, Walter C. Kaiser Jr., John L. McKenzie, Elmer A. Martens, Gerhard von Rad, Samuel Lucien Terrien, Theodorus C. Vriezen, Claus Westermann, George Ernest Wright, Walther Zimmerli.

The third and final section contains excerpts from five contemporary theologians: Walter Brueggemann, Hartmut Gese, Rolf Knierim, Jon D. Levenson, Phyllis Trible.

An appendix contains Johann P. Gabler's 1787 seminal essay on biblical theology. An extensive bibliography and indexes of topics, authorities, and Scripture references conclude the volume.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword

Editors' Foreword


Part 1: Setting the Stage

Ben C. Ollenburger--From Timeless Ideas to the Essence of Religion: Method in Old Testament Theology before 1930

Otto Eissfeldt--The History of Israelite-Jewish Religion and Old Testament Theology

Walther Eichrodt--Does Old Testament Theology Still Have Independent Significance within Old Testament Scholarship?

Part 2: Sampling Old Testament Theology

Elmer A. Martens--The Multicolored Landscape of Old Testament Theology

Walter Eichrodt--Covenant

Theodorus C. Vriezen--The Nature of the Knowledge of God

George Ernest Wright--God the Warrior

Gerhard von Rad--Eighth-Century Prophecy

Edmond Jacob--The Spirit and the Word

John L. McKenzie--Cult

Walter Zimmerli--Life before God

Ronald E. Clements--Law and Promise

Walter C. Kaiser Jr--Promise

Samuel Lucien Terrien--Presence in Absence

Claus Westermann--God's Judgment and God's Mercy

Elmer A. Martens--Land and Lifestyle

Brevard S. Childs--Canon

Paul D. Hanson--The Community of Faith

Part 3: The Way Forward: Old Testament Theology in the Twenty-first Century

Gerhard F. Hasel--The Future of Old Testament Theology: Prospects and Trends

Hartmut Gese--Tradition History

Walter Brueggemann--A Shape for Old Testament Theology

Jon D. Levenson--Creation and Covenant

Phyllis Trible--Overture for a Feminist Biblical Theology

Rolf Knierim--Systematic Old Testament Theology


Johann P. Gabler--An Oration on the Proper Distinction between Biblical and Dogmatic Theology and the Specific Objectives of Each


Index of Topics

Index of Authorities

Index of Scripture References
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