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"An Eye for Form": Epigraphic Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross (Jo Ann Hackett) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2014) 9781575063034
"An Eye for Form": Epigraphic Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross (Jo Ann Hackett) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2014) 9781575063034
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Title: "An Eye for Form": Epigraphic Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross

Author: Hackett, Jo Ann

Additional Authors or Contributors: Walter E. Aufrecht (eds)

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 2014

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781575063034

Volumes: 1; Pages: 380

List Price in Hardcover: $59.50 Our price: $49.99

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At the first meeting of his class in Northwest Semitic Epigraphy at Harvard, Frank Cross would inform students that one of the things each of them needed was an "eye for form." By this, he meant the ability to recognize typological or evolutionary change in letters and scripts. Frank, like his teacher William Foxwell Albright, was a master of typological method. In fact, typology was the dominant feature of his epigraphic work, from the origins of the alphabet to the development of the scripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Indeed, he has written about the importance of typology itself. Because Frank Cross has so dominated the study of the ancient Near East in the last 60 years, Aufrecht once asked him what he considered his primary field of study to be. Without hesitation, he said, "Epigraphy." It seems, therefore, that the field that he loved and to which he contributed so much is an appropriate subject for this Festschrift in his honor, which is being presented by his colleagues, friends, and former students. Included are an appreciation by Peter Machinist and a contribution by the late Pierre Bordreuil.

Table of Contents

An Appreciation of Frank Moore Cross 1

Peter Machinist

Introduction 8

Response by Frank Moore Cross To the Presentation of an 80th

Birthday Volume of Essays Prologomenon to the Study of

Northwest Semitic Palaeography and Epigraphy 13

Christopher A. Rollston

A History of Northwest Semitic Epigraphy 17

Andr� Lemaire

Re-Conceptualizing the Periods of Early Alphabetic Scripts 42

Gordon J. Hamilton

The Ugaritic Alphabetic Script 61

John L. Ellison

The Iron Age Phoenician Script 74

Christopher A. Rollston

Prolegomenon to the Study of Old Aramaic and Ammonite Lapidary Inscriptions 109

Walter E. Aufrecht

Iron Age Moabite, Hebrew, and Edomite Monumental Scripts 116

David S. Vanderhooft

On The Authenticity Of Iron Age Northwest Semitic Inscribed Seals 136

Pierre Bordreuil

Phoenician Seal Script 149

Philip C. Schmitz

Aramaic and Ammonite Seal Scripts 175

Larry G. Herr

Hebrew, Moabite, and Edomite Seal Scripts 186

Larry G. Herr

Northwest Semitic Cursive Scripts of Iron II 203

Christopher A. Rollston

Scripts of Post-Iron Age Aramaic Inscriptions and Ostraca 234

Andr� Lemaire

Paleo-Hebrew Texts and Scripts of the Persian Period 247

Gordon J. Hamilton

The Aramaic Papyri Scripts 282

Ryan Byrne

Punic Scripts 304

Maria Giulia Amadasi Guzzo

Semitic Paleography of the Judean Desert Scrolls 318

Esther Eshel

Northwest Semitic Scripts On Coins 330

John W. Betlyon
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