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Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background (N J C Kouwenberg) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2010) 9781575061931
Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background (N J C Kouwenberg) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 2010) 9781575061931
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Title: Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background

Author: Kouwenberg, N J C

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 2010

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781575061931

Volumes: 1; Pages: 686

List Price in Hardcover: $89.50 Our price: $75.99

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In this magnum opus, N. J. C. Kouwenberg presents a thoroughgoing, modern analysis of the Akkadian verbal system, taking into account all of the currently available evidence for the language during the course of the long period of its attestation. The book achieves this goal through two strategies: (1) to describe the Akkadian verbal system, as comprehensively as the data permit; and (2) to reconstruct its prehistory on the basis of internal evidence and reconstruction, comparison with cognate languages, and typological evidence. Akkadian has one of the longest documented histories of any language: data from nearly two-and-one-half millennia are available, even if the stream of data is sometimes interrupted and not always as copious as we would like. During the course of this history, numerous developments took place, illustrating how languages change over time and offering parallels for reconstruction of changes that occurred in poorly documented periods.

As a result, this book will be of great interest, in the first place, for all students of Akkadian, both the language and the literature that is documented in that language; and in the second place, for all students of language and linguistics who are interested in the study of how languages are shaped, develop, and change during the course of a long history.
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