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Phonologies of Asia and Africa (2 Vols) (Alan S Kaye) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1997) 9781575060194
Phonologies of Asia and Africa (2 Vols) (Alan S Kaye) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1997) 9781575060194
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Title: Phonologies of Asia and Africa (2 Vols)

Author: Kaye, Alan S

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 1997

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781575060194

Volumes: 2; Pages: xxxiii, 1041

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This large, 2-volume work presents more than 50 authoritative articles by leading specialists on a wide variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages and dialects of the greater Near East and Africa, from a variety of language families. The articles are concise descriptive narratives presenting the basics of the phonology of the languages and dialects, with an emphasis on the phonological processes operative in them. A major goal of the work is a definite statement on the language and/or dialect in question with regard to genetics, typology, and/or universal elements. Of interest to general linguists as well as those specializing in Afro-Asiatic languages.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

List of Maps

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1. Afroasiatic Languages

Semitic Languages

Ancient and Medieval

East Semitic

1. Akkadian and Amorite Phonology--Giorgio Buccellati

2. Eblaite Phonology--Cyrus H. Gordon

Central Semitic

3. Ugaritic Phonology--Cyrus H. Gordon

Northwest Semitic

4. Phoenician and Punic Phonology--Stanislav Segert

5. Ancient Hebrew Phonology--Gary A. Rendsburg

6. Tiberian Hebrew Phonology--Geoffrey Khan

7. Jewish Palestinian Aramaic Phonology--Geoffrey Khan

8. Old Aramaic Phonology--Stanislav Segert

9. Classical Syriac Phonology--Peter T. Daniels

10. Modern and Classical Mandaic Phonology--Joseph L. Malone

South Semitic

11. Old South Arabian Phonology--Gene Gragg

12. Ge'ez Phonology--Gene Gragg


Central Semitic

13. Arabic Phonology--Alan S. Kaye

14. Moroccan Arabic Phonology--Jeffrey Heath

15. Cypriot Arabic Phonology--Alexander Borg

16. Maltese Phonology--Alexander Borg

Northwest Semitic

17. Israeli Hebrew Phonology--Shmuel Bolozky

18. Modern Aramaic Phonology--Robert D. Hoberman

South Semitic

19. La phonologie des langues sudarabiques modernes--Antoine Lonnet et Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle

20. Chaha (Gurage) Phonology--Wolf Leslau

21. Amharic Phonology--Wolf Leslau

Egyptian Sub-branch

22. Egyptian and Coptic Phonology--Antonio Loprieno

Berber Languages

23. Berber Phonology--Maarten G. Kossman and Harry J. Stroomer

Cushitic Languages

24. Awngi Phonology--Robert Hetzron

25. Oromo Phonology--Maria-Rosa Lloret

26. Somali Phonology--Annarita Puglielli

Chadic Languages

27. Hausa Phonology--Paul Newman

Volume 2

2. Indo-European Languages

Ancient and Medieval

Anatolian Languages

28 Hittite Phonology--H. Craig Melchert

Iranian Languages

29. Old Persian and Avestan Phonology--David Testen

30. Pahlavi Phonology--Dieter Weber


Indo-Aryan Languages

31. Hindi-Urdu Phonology--Alan S. Kaye

32. Gujarati Phonology--P. J. Mistry

Iranian Languages

33. Persian Phonology--Gernot L. Windfuhr

34. Kurdish Phonology--Ernest N. McCarus

35. Ossetic Phonology--David Testen

36. Pashto Phonology--Josef Elfenbein

37. Balochi Phonology--Josef Elfenbein

Armenian Sub-branch

38. Armenian Phonology--John A. C. Greppin

3. Dravidian Languages

39. Brahui Phonology--Josef Elfenbein

4. Nilo-Saharan Languages

40. Nilo-Saharan Phonology--M. Lionel Bender

5. Niger-Congo Languages

41. Swahili Phonology--Ellen Contini-Morava

42. Sango Phonology--James A. Walker and William J. Samarin

6. Altaic Languages

Turkic Languages

43. Turkish Phonology--Bernard Comrie

44. Tatar (Volga Tatar, Kazan Tatar) Phonology--Bernard Comrie

45. Uyghur Phonology--Bernard Comrie

7. Caucasian Languages

46. Georgian Phonology--Howard I. Aronson

47. Chechen Phonology--Johanna Nichols

48. Lak Phonology--Gregory D. S. Anderson

8. Unaffiliated Languages (Language Isolates)

49. Sumerian Phonology--John Hayes

50. Burushaski Phonology--Gregory D. S. Anderson

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