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Cosmos in the Light of the Cross (George L Murphy) Hardcover Book, (Trinity Press International, 2003) 9781563384172
Cosmos in the Light of the Cross (George L Murphy) Hardcover Book, (Trinity Press International, 2003) 9781563384172
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Title: Cosmos in the Light of the Cross

Author: Murphy, George L

Publisher: Trinity Press International; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781563384172

Volumes: 1; Pages: 224

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How is it that the same God who created all that is splendid--from flowers to ecosystems to galaxies-and who has the power to raise Jesus from the dead also allows the extinction of many wonderful creations, the suffering of cancer, and other difficulties?

George Murphy finds understanding in the theology of the cross, with a God who becomes a participant in the universe and thereby shares the suffering, loss, and death that are part of the worldly experience. God is willing to be condemned in the name of the law, to be rejected and abandoned by humanity, and to be abandoned even by God. What is supposed to be the saving act of God is an action in which God seems to be completely absent, for nothing seems less like the presence of an all-powerful and loving God than this scene in which a Jewish carpenter hangs as a dead criminal on a Roman cross.

Murphy uses this theology of the cross as a perspective from which to read ecology, evolution, and bioethics. His view gives us new opportunities to understand the apparent absence of God in natural process, the role of death in evolution, and the ethical ambiguities raised by science-based technologies.




1 An Informal Orientation

2 The Questions of Natural Theology

3 Theology of the Crucified God

4 The Scientific Picture of the World

5 What Can We Know about the World?

6 God's Action in the World

7 The Origin of the Universe

8 Evolution as Creation

9 Technology and Ethics

10 Medicine and Bioethics

11 The Natural Environments

12 The Goal of Creation

13 The Worship of the Universe

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