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Companion to Catullus (Marilyn B Skinner (ed)) Paperback Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) 9781444339253
Companion to Catullus (Marilyn B Skinner (ed)) Paperback Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) 9781444339253
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Title: A Companion to Catullus

Author: Skinner, Marilyn B (ed)

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Publication Date: 2010

Paperback; ISBN: 9781444339253

Volumes: 1; Pages: 616

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In this companion, international scholars provide a comprehensive overview that reflects the most recent trends in Catullan studies.* Explores the work of Catullus, one of the best Roman 'lyric poets'* Provides discussions about production, genre, style, and reception, as well as interpretive essays on key poems and groups of poems* Grounds Catullus in the socio-historical world around him* Chapters challenge received wisdom, present original readings, and suggest new interpretations of biographical evidenceContentsList of Illustrations.Acknowledgments.Abbreviations.Notes on Contributors.1 Introduction (Marilyn B. Skinner).Part I The Text and the Collection.2 History and Transmission of the Text (J. L. Butrica).3 Authorial Arrangement of the Collection: Debate Past and Present (Marilyn B. Skinner).Part II Contexts of Production.4 The Valerii Catulli of Verona (T. P. Wiseman).5 The Contemporary Political Context (David Konstan).6 The Intellectual Climate (Andrew Feldherr).7 Gender and Masculinity (Elizabeth Manwell).Part III Influences.8 Catullus and Sappho (Ellen Greene).9 Catullus and Callimachus (Peter E. Knox).Part IV Stylistics.10 Neoteric Poetics (W. R. Johnson).11 Elements of Style in Catullus (George A. Sheets).12 Catullus and Elite Republican Social Discourse (Brian A. Krostenko).Part V Poems and Groups of Poems.13 Catullus and the Programmatic Poem: The Origins, Scope, and Utility of a Concept (William W. Batstone).14 The Lesbia Poems (Julia T. Dyson Hejduk).15 Sexuality and Ritual: Catullus' Wedding Poems (Vassiliki Panoussi).16 Catullan Intertextuality: Apollonius and the Allusive Plot of Catullus 64 (Jeri Blair DeBrohun).17 Poem 68: Love and Death, and the Gifts of Venus and the Muses (Elena Theodorakopoulos).18 Social Commentary and Political Invective (W. Jeffrey Tatum).Part VI Reception.19 Catullus and Horace (Randall L. B. McNeill).20 Catullus and Vergil (Christopher Nappa).21 Catullus and Roman Love Elegy (Paul Allen Miller).22 Catullus and Martial (Sven Lorenz).23 Catullus in the Renaissance (Julia Haig Gaisser).24 The Modern Reception of Catullus (Brian Arkins).Part VII Pedagogy.25 Catullus in the Secondary School Curriculum (Ronnie Ancona and Judith P. Hallett).26 Catullus in the College Classroom (Daniel H. Garrison).Part VIII Translation.27 Translating Catullus (Elizabeth Vandiver).Consolidated Bibliography.General Index.Index Locorum.
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