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Companion to Augustine (Mark Vessey (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) 9781405159463
Companion to Augustine (Mark Vessey (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012) 9781405159463
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Title: A Companion to Augustine

Author: Vessey, Mark (ed)

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Publication Date: 2012

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781405159463

Volumes: 1; Pages: 640

List Price in Cloth: $205.95 Our price: $167.99

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A Companion to Augustine presents a fresh collection of scholarship by leading academics with a new approach to contextualizing Augustine and his works within the multi-disciplinary field of Late Antiquity, showing Augustine as both a product of the cultural forces of his times and a cultural force in his own right.* Discusses the life and works of Augustine within their full historical context, rather than privileging the theological context* Presents Augustine's life, works and leading ideas in the cultural context of the late Roman world, providing a vibrant and engaging sense of Augustine in action in his own time and place* Opens up a new phase of study on Augustine, sensitive to the many and varied perspectives of scholarship on late Roman culture* State-of-the-art essays by leading academics in this fieldContentsList of Figures xiNotes on Contributors xiiPreface xviiiSource Acknowledgments xixAbbreviations xxiThe Works of Augustine xxivChronology of Augustine's Life xl1 Introduction 1Mark VesseyPART I Contexts 92 Political History 11Christopher Kelly3 Cultural Geography 24William E. Klingshirn4 Religious Sociology 40�ric RebillardPART II Confessions 555 Spes Saeculi: Augustine?s Worldly Ambition and Career 57R. S. O. Tomlin6 Love and Belonging, Loss and Betrayal in the Confessions 69Kate Cooper7 TheConfessions as Autobiography 87Paula Fredriksen8 Reading the Confessions 99Catherine ConybearePART III Media 1119 Augustine and Language 113Philip Burton10 Augustine?s Information Circuits 125Claire Sotinel11 Augustine and Roman Public Spectacles 138Richard Lim12 Augustine and Books 151Guy G. StroumsaPART IV Texts 15913 Augustine and the Latin Classics 161Danuta Shanzer14 Augustine and the Philosophers 175Sarah Byers15 Augustine and the Books of the Manicheans 188Johannes van Oort16 Augustine and Scripture 200Michael Cameron17 Augustine and His Christian Predecessors 215Mark Edwards18 Augustine as a Reader of His Christian Contemporaries 227Michael Stuart Williams19 Augustine among the Writers of the Church 240Mark VesseyPART V Performances 25520 Philosopher: Augustine in Retirement 257Gillian Clark21 Conversationalist and Consultant: Augustine in Dialogue 270Therese Fuhrer22 Mystic and Monk: Augustine and the Spiritual Life 284John Peter Kenney23 Preacher: Augustine and His Congregation 297Hildegund Muller24 Administrator: Augustine in His Diocese 310Neil B. McLynn25 Controversialist: Augustine in Combat 323Caroline HumfressPART VI Positions 33726 Augustine on the Will 339James Wetzel27 Augustine on the Body 353David G. Hunter28 Augustine on Friendship and Orthodoxy 365Stefan Rebenich29 Augustine on the Church (Against the Donatists) 375Alexander Evers30 Augustine on the Statesman and the Two Cities 386Robert Dodaro31 Augustine on Scripture and the Trinity 398Sabine MacCormack32 Augustine on Redemption 416Lewis AyresPART VII Aftertimes 42933 Augustine?s Works in Circulation 431Clemens Weidmann34 Augustine in the Latin West, 430?ca. 900 450Conrad Leyser35 Augustine in the Western Middle Ages to the Reformation 465Eric L. Saak36 The Reception of Augustine in Modern Philosophy 478Johannes Brachtendorf37 Augustine and Postmodernism 492John D. Caputo38 Envoi 505James J. O'DonnellReferences 517Index 563A Companion to Augustine
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