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Tiberius (Robin Seager) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005) 9781405115285
Tiberius (Robin Seager) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005) 9781405115285
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Title: Tiberius

Author: Seager, Robin

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781405115285

Edition: 2nd Volumes: 1; Pages: 336

List Price in Cloth: $128.95 Our price: $118.99

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Robin Seager has updated his classic biography of Tiberius, which focuses on the Emperor's complex character as the key to understanding his reign.* The most readable account available of the life of Tiberius, the second Roman emperor.* Argues that Tiberius' character provides the key to understanding his reign.* Portrays Tiberius as a man whose virtues and beliefs were corrupted by power.* Shows how Tiberius' fears of conspiracy and assassination caused him to lose his grasp of reality.* A new afterword discusses important new evidence that has come to light on the reign of Tiberius.ContentsFull ContentsList of PlatesList of MapsPreface to Second EditionPreface to First EditionChronological TableAbbreviationsMaps1 Tiberius' Childhood: The Political BackgroundThe End of the RepublicTiberius' Birth and Infancy: The TriumvirateThe Augustan Principate2 Tiberius and AugustusTiberius' First Steps in Public LifeThe Succession: Marcellus and the Sons of AgrippaThe Northern Frontier: Rhaetia and VindeliciaThe Succession: Tiberius' Marriage to JuliaThe Northern Frontier: Illyricum and GermanyTiberius' Retirement to RhodesTiberius' AdoptionThe Northern Frontier: Germany and PannoniaTiberius the Successor of Augustus3 The Accession of TiberiusThe Death of Augustus and the Removal of Agrippa PosthumusThe Interim and the Meeting of the Senate on 17 September4 Germanicus and DrususThe Mutinies on the Danube and the RhineThe German Campaigns of 15The German Campaigns of 16The Trial of Libo and the Rising ClemensDrusus in IllyricumGermanicus in the EastThe Trial of PisoThe Succession: Drusus and the Sons of Germanicus5 Tiberius as Princeps, ad 14-26Senate and MagistratesThe Equestrian Order and the PeopleHonours and TitlesReligionThe Law of MaiestasThe ProvincesTiberius and the Precepts of Augustus6 SeianusThe Rise of SeianusSeianus' AmbitionsSeianus and the Death of DrususFrom Drusus to Tiberius' Withdrawal to CapreaeThe Supremacy of SeianusThe Fall of Seianus7 The Last YearsTiberius and Rome after Seianus' FallThe Eastern FrontierThe Succession: Gaius and Tiberius GemellusTiberius' DeathConclusionAfterwordStemmaThe SourcesTactitusSuetoniusDioVelleius PaterculusBibliographyAdditional BibliographyIndex
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