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Brief History of Christianity (Carter H Lindberg) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005) 9781405110785
Brief History of Christianity (Carter H Lindberg) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005) 9781405110785
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Title: A Brief History of Christianity

Author: Lindberg, Carter H

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781405110785

Volumes: 1; Pages: 240

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Charting the rise and development of Christianity, Carter Lindberg has succeeded in writing a concise and compelling history of the world's largest religion. He spans over 2,000 years of colorful incident to give an authoritative history of Christianity for both the general reader and the beginning student. Ranges from the missionary journeys of the apostles to the tele-evangelism of the twenty-first century Demonstrates how the Christian community received and forged its identity from its development of the Bible to the present day Covers topics fundamental to understanding the course of Western Christianity, including the growth of the papacy, heresy and schism, reformation and counter-reformation Includes an introduction to the historiography of Christianity, a note on the problems of periodization, an appendix on theological terms, and a useful bibliography An authoritative yet succinct history, written to appeal to a general audience as well as students of the history of Christianity Written by internationally regarded theologian, Carter Lindberg, who is the author of numerous titles on theology and Church history.ContentsPreface1. The Responsibility to Remember: Introduction to the Historiography of ChristianityTradition and Confession2. "The Law of Praying is the Law of Believing"The Roman Empire and its Political AchievementsHellenization and its Cultural AchievementsDevelopment of the Biblical Canon3. Sibling Rivalry: Heresy, Orthodoxy, and the Ecumenical CouncilsThe Structure of Tradition: Confession and DogmaDogma as a Key to Christian Memory and IdentityHeresyJesus's Relationship to God: The Doctrine of the TrinityFrom the Council of Nicaea to the Council of ConstantinopleJesus and Humankind: Christology4. The Heavenly City: The Augustinian Synthesis of Biblical Religion and HellenismAugustine's Path to ConversionAugustine's Theological ContributionsAugustine and DonatismThe Pelagian Controversy5. The Development of the Medieval PapacyMonasticism to MissionThe Emergence of the PapacyPapacy and EmpireThe Gregorian ReformThe Investiture ConflictThe Crusades6. Faith in Search of Understanding: Anselm, Abelard, and the Beginnings of ScholasticismUniversities and ScholasticismContributions of Early Scholastic Theology7. The Medieval ChurchThe Cultural and Theological Development of the SacramentsThe Rise of the Mendicant OrdersThe Rise and Decline of Papal AuthorityThe Decline of the PapacyConciliarism8. The Reformations of the Sixteenth CenturyThe Reformation in GermanyThe Reformation in SwitzerlandThe Reformation in FranceThe Reformation in EnglandScandinavia and Eastern EuropeEarly Modern CatholicismThe Reformations' Aftermath9. Pietism and the EnlightenmentThe EnlightenmentThe Catholic Church and the Enlightenment10. Challenge and Response: The Church in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Churches and the French RevolutionFrom the French Revolution to the Congress of ViennaChurch Reform in Germany: The Prussian UnionInner Mission and the Social QuestionThe Catholic Church in the Nineteenth CenturyPope Pius IX and Vatican IFrom Kulturkampf to the Modernist OathNineteenth-Century TheologyThe AwakeningTheological CurrentsLiberal Theology11. The Christian Churches since World War IThe Churches during National SocialismDevelopments in the Catholic Church after World War IThe Ecumenical MovementBack to the Future: Christianity in Global ContextAppendix: PeriodizationGlossaryFurther ReadingIndex
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