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Deshasheh, Diospolis Parva, Athribis (W Flinders Petrie) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2013) 9781108066198
Deshasheh, Diospolis Parva, Athribis (W Flinders Petrie) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2013) 9781108066198
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Title: Deshasheh, Diospolis Parva, Athribis

Author: Petrie, W Flinders

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2013

Paperback; ISBN: 9781108066198

Volumes: 1; Pages: 324

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A pioneering Egyptologist, Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853?1942) excavated over fifty sites and trained a generation of archaeologists. These three illustrated excavation reports, now reissued together, were originally published in 1898, 1901 and 1908 in collaboration with other experts. They focus on the cemeteries at Deshasheh, Abadiyeh and Hu (the latter known also as Diospolis Parva), and Athribis. Light is shed on the major discoveries, such as large quantities of beautifully preserved Neolithic linen, the 'pan graves' of semi-nomadic settlers, and a tomb featuring an early relief of Egyptians besieging a fortified Near Eastern town. Most significantly, these reports reflect Petrie's development of sequence dating, which influenced the use of seriation as a relative dating method in archaeology. Petrie wrote prolifically throughout his long career. Many of his other publications - for both Egyptologists and non-specialists - are also reissued in this series.Table of ContentsPart I. Deshasheh: Introduction1. The tomb of Anta2. The tomb of Shedu3. Tombs of Nenkheftka and son4. Tombs with perfect bodies5. Tombs with dissevered bodies6. Measurements of skeletons7. Minor objects8. Secondary burials9. The inscriptionsIndexPlatesPart II. Diospolis Parva: Introduction1. The sequence of prehistoric remains2. The pottery3. The stone vases4. The slate palettes and ivories5. Tools of stone and metal6. Amulets and beads7. Outline of the prehistoric periods8. The cemeteries9. Tombs of the 6th to 9th dynasties10. Tombs of the 12th dynasty, cemeteries W and Y11. The pan graves12. Tombs of 13th?18th dynasties, cemetery Y13. The Ptolemaic and Roman periodIndexPlatesPart III. Athribis: Introduction1. The tombs of Hagarseh2. The temple of Auletes3. The sculptures of Auletes and Claudius4. The temple of Physkon, etc.5. The zodiac tomb6. The coenobium7. The inscriptions8. The dating of the horoscopesIndexPlates.
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