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History of Classical Scholarship: 3 Volume Set (John Edwin Sandys) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2011) 9781108027090
History of Classical Scholarship: 3 Volume Set (John Edwin Sandys) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2011) 9781108027090
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Title: A History of Classical Scholarship: 3 Volume Set

Author: Sandys, John Edwin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2011

Paperback; ISBN: 9781108027090

Volumes: 3; Pages: 1788

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The Cambridge classicist Sir John Sandys published this three-volume history between 1903 and 1908. It remains the only large-scale work spanning the entire history of classical studies from the sixth century BCE to 1900. Table of ContentsVolume 1: PrefaceList of illustrationsTitles of certain works of referenceAbbreviationsAddenda and corrigenda1. Definition of 'scholar' and 'scholarship'Book I. The Athenian Age, c.600?c.300 B.C.2. The study of epic poetry3. The study of lyric poetry4. The study and criticism of dramatic poetry5. The theory of poetry in Homer, Democritus, Plato and Aristotle6. The rise of rhetoric, and the study of prose7. The beginnings of grammar and etymologyBook II. The Alexandrian Age, c.300?1 B.C.8. The school of Alexandria9. The Stoics and the school of PergamonBook III. The Roman Age of Latin Scholarship, c.168 B.C.?c.530 A.D.10. Latin scholarship from the death of Ennius (169 B.C.) to the Augustan Age11. Latin scholarship from the Augustan Age to 300 A.D.12. Latin scholarship from 300 to 500 A.D.13. Latin scholarship from 500 to 530 A.D.Book IV. The Roman Age of Greek Scholarship, c.1?c.530 A.D. 14. Roman study of Greek between 164 B.C. and 143 A.D.15. Greek literary criticism in the first century of the Empire16. Verbal scholarship in the first century of the Empire17. The literary revival at the end of the first century18. Greek scholarship in the second century19. Greek scholarship in the third century20. Greek scholarship in the fourth century21. Greek scholarship from 400 to 530 A.D.Book V. The Byzantine Age, c.530?c.1350 A.D.22. Byzantine scholarship from 529 to 1000 A.D.23. Period III 850?1350 continuedBook VI. The Middle Ages in the West c.530?c.1350 A.D. 24. Gregory the Great25. Charles the Great and Alcuin26. The tenth century27. The eleventh century28. The twelfth century29. The twelfth century continued30. The thirteenth century31. The thirteenth century and after32. The mediaeval copyists and the classicsIndexGreek index. Volume 2: PrefaceList of illustrationsSelect bibliographyBook I. The Revival of Learning in Italy, c.1321?c.1527 A.D.: 1. Introduction2. The Villa Paradiso and San Spirito3. The recovery of the Latin classics by Poggio, Landriani, Francesco Pizzolpasso, Enoch of Ascoli, Sannazaro, Politian, Giorgio Galbiate, Parrasio, and Fra Giocondo, and of the Greek classics by Guarino, Aurispa and Filelfo, Bessarion, Constantine and Janus Lascaris4. The early Medicean age in Florence5. The earlier Greek immigrants6. The later Greek immigrants7. The Academy of Florence - Landino, Ficino, Pico, Politian8. The printing of the classics in Italy9. Leo X and his patronage of learningBook II. The Sixteenth Century10. Erasmus11. Italy from 1527 to 160012. Spain13. France from 1360 to 160014. The Netherlands from 1400 to the foundation of the university of Leyden, 157515. England from 1370 to 160016. Germany from 1350 to 1616Book III. The Seventeenth Century17. Italy in the seventeenth century18. France in the seventeenth century19. The Netherlands from the foundation of the university of Leyden (1575) to 170020. England in the seventeenth century21. Germany in the seventeenth centuryBook IV. The Eighteenth Century22. Italy in the eighteenth century23. France in the eighteenth century24. England in the eighteenth century25. The Netherlands in the eighteenth centuryIndex. Volume 3: List of illustrationsBook IV. The Eighteenth Century continued: 26. Germany in the eighteenth century27. Germany in the eighteenth century continuedBook V. The Nineteenth Century28. F. A. Wolf and his contemporaries29. Hermann and Boeckh30. Grammarians and textual critics, from Lobeck to Ritschl31. Editors of Greek classics32. Editors of Latin classics33. Comparative philologists34. Archaeologists35. Italy in the nineteenth century36. France in the nineteenth century37. The Netherlands in the nineteenth century38. Scandinavia39. Greece, Russia, Hungary40. England in the nineteenth century
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