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Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 2: Constantine to c.600 (Augustine Casiday) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2007) 9781107423633
Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 2: Constantine to c.600 (Augustine Casiday) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2007) 9781107423633
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Title: Cambridge History of Christianity, Volume 2: Constantine to c.600

Author: Casiday, Augustine

Additional Authors or Contributors: Frederick W Norris (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2007

Paperback; ISBN: 9781107423633

Volumes: 1; Pages: 784

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This volume in the Cambridge History of Christianity presents the 'Golden Age' of patristic Christianity. After episodes of persecution by the Roman government, Christianity emerged as a licit religion enjoying imperial patronage and eventually became the favoured religion of the empire. The articles in this volume discuss the rapid transformation of Christianity during late antiquity, giving specific consideration to artistic, social, literary, philosophical, political, inter-religious and cultural aspects. The volume moves away from simple dichotomies and reductive schematizations (e.g., 'heresy v. orthodoxy') toward an inclusive description of the diverse practices and theories that made up Christianity at this time. Whilst proportional attention is given to the emergence of the Great Church within the Roman Empire, other topics are treated as well--such as the development of Christian communities outside the empire.



1. Western Christianities Winrich L hr

2. Germanic and Celtic Christianities Knut Sch ferdiek

3. Greek Christianities Frederick W. Norris

4. Early Asian and East African Christianities David Bundy

5. Religious dynamics between Christians and Jews in late antiquity Gedaliahu Stroumsa

6. Christianity and paganism, I: Egypt David Frankfurter

7. Christianity and paganism, II: Asia Minor Frank Trombley

8. Christianity and paganism, III: Italy Michele R. Salzman

9. Christianity and paganism, IV: North Africa Anne Leone

10. The intellectual debate between Christians and Pagans Alan Brown

11. Christianity and Manichaeism Samuel Lieu

12. Heresiology: the invention of 'heresy' and 'schism' Rebecca Lyman

13. Towards defining a Christian culture: the Christian transformation of classical literature Bronwen Neil

14. Bishops and society Raymond Van Dam

15. Synods and councils Mark Edwards

16. The growth of church law Kenneth Pennington

17. The church, society, and political power H. A. Drake

18. Discourse on the Trinity Khaled Anatolios

19. History of Christology to the seventh century Karl-Heinz Uthemann

20. Sin and salvation: experience and reflections Augustine Casiday

21. From Antioch to Arles: lay devotion in context Georgia Frank

22. Saints and holy men Claudia Rapp

23. Pastoral care and discipline Rowan Greer

24. Gender, marriage and family David G. Hunter

25. The growth of liturgy and the church year Brian Spinks

26. Interpreting scripture Paul Blowers

27. Asceticism and monasticism, I: Eastern Samuel Rubenson

28. Asceticism and monasticism, II: Western Marilynn Dunn

29. Art and Propaganda fide: Christian art and architecture Beat Brenk.

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