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Legends of the Kings of Akkade: The Texts (Joan Goodnick Westenholz ) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1997) 9780931464850
Legends of the Kings of Akkade: The Texts (Joan Goodnick Westenholz ) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1997) 9780931464850
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Title: Legends of the Kings of Akkade: The Texts

Author: Westenholz, Joan Goodnick

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 1997

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780931464850

Volumes: 1; Pages: xiii, 410

The most impressive legacy of the Dynasty of Akkade (ca. 2310-2160 B.C.E.) was the widespread, popular legends of its kings. Dr. Westenholz offers an annotated edition of all the known legends of the Akkadian kings, with transliteration, translation, and commentary. Of particular interest to biblical scholars is the inclusion of "The Birth Legend of Sargon," which is often compared to Moses in Exodus.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Note on Transliteration Concordance of Museum Numbers Concordance of Publication Numbers Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Introduction Definition of the Corpus Recovery of the Texts and the History of Scholarship Terminology Poetic Discourse, Orthography, and Grammar

Part A: Sargon

Chapter 2. The Sargon "Autobiographies"

Text 1. Old Babylonian Fragment: "I, Sargon" Text 2. "The Wisdom of Sargon": The "Birth Legend" of Sargon

Chapter 3. Sargon's Rise to Power: Sargon, Ur-Zababa, and Lugalzagesi

Text 5. Sumerian-Akkadian Bilingual Exercise Text

Chapter 4. Res Gestae Sargonis

Text 6. "Sargon, the Conquering Hero" Text 7. "Sargon in Foreign Lands" Fragments Text 8. "Sargon, the Lion"Text 9. "King of Battle" Text 9B. Amarna Recension Text 9C. Amarna Fragment Text 9D. Assur Fragment Text 9E. Nineveh Recension

Chapter 5. The Sargon Letters

Text 10. Nippur Letter Text 11. Ur Letter

Part B: Naram-Sin

Chapter 6. Naram-Sin and the Lord of Apisal

Text 12. "Naram-Sin and the Lord of Apisal"

Chapter 7. Erra and Naram-Sin

Text 13. "Erra and Naram-Sin"

Chapter 8. Elegy on the Death of Naram-Sin

Text 14. "Elegy on the Death of Naram-Sin"

Chapter 9. The Great Revolt against Naram-Sin

Text 15. The Old Akkadian Exercise Text 16. The Old Babylonian Excerpt Versions Text 16A. Mari Version Text 16B. Geneva Version Text 17. "Gula-AN and the Seventeen Kings against Naram-Sin" Text 19. "The Tenth Battle"

Chapter 10. "Naram-Sin and the Enemy Hordes": The "Cuthean Legend" of Naram-Sin

Text 20. The Old Babylonian Edition Text 21. The Middle Babylonian Recension Text 22. The Standard Babylonian Recension

Introduction Composite Text and Translation Manuscripts and Score


Index of Personal Names Index of Divine Names Index of Geographical and Topographical Names Index of Literary Texts Index of Words Discussed General Index

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