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Sopher Mahir: Northwest Semitic Studies for Stanislav Segert (Edward M Cook) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1990) 9780931464560
Sopher Mahir: Northwest Semitic Studies for Stanislav Segert (Edward M Cook) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1990) 9780931464560
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Title: Sopher Mahir: Northwest Semitic Studies for Stanislav Segert

Author: Cook, Edward M

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 1990

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780931464560

Volumes: 1; Pages: 384

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The twenty-two essays presented here reflect Dr. Segert's many areas of interest and expertise. A bibliography of the honoree's writings is included.

Table of Contents

Edward M. Cook--Stanislav Segert: An Appreciation

Pierre Bordreuil--A Propos de Milkou, Milkart et Milk 'ashtart

Giorgio Buccellatti--Cybernetica Mesopotamica

Randall Buth--'EDAYIN/TOTE--Anatomy of a Semitism in Jewish Greek

Henri Cazelles--Sur "mdl" a Ugarit, en Is 40,15 et Hab 3,4

Edward M. Cook--The Orthography of Final Unstressed Long Vowels in Old and Imperial Aramaic

James R. Davila--Qoheleth and Northern Hebrew

M. Dietrich and O. Loretz, tr. Richard White--The Syntax of Omens in Ugaritic

Pelio Fronzaroli, tr. Matthew L. Jaffe--Forms of the Dual in the Texts of Ebla

Paul W. Gaebelein, Jr.--Psalm 34 and Other Biblical Acrostics: Evidence from the Aleppo Codex

Stanley Gevirtz--Phoenician "wsbrt mlsm" and Job 33:23

Jonas C. Greenfield--The "Cluster" in Biblical Poetry

Douglas M. Gropp--The Language of the Samaria Papyri: A Preliminary Study

William Sanford Lasor--Proto-Semitic: Is the Concept No Longer Acceptable?

Loren R. Mack-Fisher--From Ugarit to Gades: Mediterranean Veterinary Medicine

Rudolf Macuch--Some Orthographico-Phonetic Problems of Ancient Aramaic and the Living Aramaic Pronunciation

Dennis Pardee--Structure and Meaning in Hebrew Poetry: The Example of Psalm 23

Robert J. Ratner--Jonah, The Runaway Servant

Helmer Ringgren--Some Observations on the Text of Psalms

Yona Sabar--On the Nature of the Oral Translations of the Book of Exodus in the Neo-Aramaic Dialect of the Jews of Zakho

John H. Sailhamer--A Database Approach to the Analysis of Hebrew Narrative

Ziony Zevit--Phoenician "nbs / nps" and its Hebrew Semantic Equivalents

Bibliography of the Writings of Stanislav Segert

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