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Biblical and Related Studies Presented to Samuel Iwry (Ann Kort) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1985) 9780931464232
Biblical and Related Studies Presented to Samuel Iwry (Ann Kort) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1985) 9780931464232
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Title: Biblical and Related Studies Presented to Samuel Iwry

Author: Kort, Ann

Additional Authors or Contributors: Scott Morschauser (eds)

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 1985

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780931464232

Volumes: 1; Pages: xvii, 274

List Price in Hardcover: $59.50 Our price: $49.99

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Samuel Iwry has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, and professor and dean of the Baltimore Hebrew College. It is an altogether fitting tribute to Prof. Iwry's achievements, as both scholar and teacher, that his many colleagues and friends have joined together to produce this festschrift in his honor.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Letters of Appreciation for Prof. Iwry

List of Financial Contributors

Principal Abbreviations

Did Alexander Yannai Negotiate an Alliance with the Parthians?

Moses Aberbach

The First and Second Tithes in the Temple Scroll

Joseph M. Baumgarten

The Rhetoric of Psalm 145

Adele Berlin

Levitical Cities: Archaeology and Texts

Robert G. Boling

Sargon and Joseph: Dreams Come True

Jerrold S. Cooper

A Literate Soldier: Lachish Letter III

Frank Moore Cross

Prose Particles in the Poetry of the Primary History

David Noel Freedman

The Murder of the Merchants Near Akko

Barry M. Gittlen

Adam's Rib

Hans Goedicke

On Making Other Gods

Cyrus H. Gordon

The Meaning of Tkwnh

Jonas C. Greenfield

Cult and Prayer

Menahem Haran

Marginal Notes to the Biblical Lexicon

Moshe Held

A Difficult Curse in Aqht (19[1 Aqht] 3.152-154)

Delbert R. Hillers

Cain, the Arrogant Sufferer

Herbert B. Huffmon

Originals and Imitations in Biblical Poetry: A Comparative Examination of 1 Sam. 2:1-10 and Ps 113:5-9

Avi Hurvitz

Studies in Neo-Aramaic Lexicology

Georg Krotkoff

Philippi's Law Reconsidered

Thomas O. Lambdin

The Worship of Baal and Asherah: a Study in the Social Bonding Functions of Religious Systems

George E. Mendenhall

Hezekiah's Sacrifices at the Dedication Services of the Purified Temple (2 Chr 29:21-24)

Jacob Milgrom

Esther Revisited: an Examination of Esther Studies over the Past Decade

Carey A. Moore

Rib-Hadda: Job at Byblos?

William L. Moran

The New Jewish Version: Genesis of the Fourth Great Age of Bible Translation

Harry M. Orlinsky

Isaiah and His Children

J. J. M. Roberts

Isaiah 66:1-4: Judean Sects in the Persian Period as Viewed by Trito-Isaiah

Alexander Rofe

Materials Toward a Biblical Grammar in the Bible Exegesis of the Tosefta

Samuel Rosenblatt

A Study of the Relationship of the Syriac Version to the Massoretic Hebrew, Targum Jonathan, and Septuagint Texts in Jeremiah 18

Leona Glidden Running

Ernest Renan's Interpretation of Biblical History

Leivy Smolar

New Gleanings on Resheph from Ugarit

Yigael Yadin
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