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In Honor of Ernest R Lacheman on His Seventy-fifth Birthday, April 29, 1981 (Martha A Morrison) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1981) 9780931464089
In Honor of Ernest R Lacheman on His Seventy-fifth Birthday, April 29, 1981 (Martha A Morrison) Hardcover Book, (Eisenbrauns, 1981) 9780931464089
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Title: In Honor of Ernest R Lacheman on His Seventy-fifth Birthday, April 29, 1981

Author: Morrison, Martha A

Additional Authors or Contributors: David I Owen (eds)

Publisher: Eisenbrauns; Publication Date: 1981

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780931464089

Volumes: 1; Pages: xxi, 496

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Thirty-one articles by students and colleagues of an individual responsible for the publication of much of the textual material which forms the basis of knowledge of Nuzi and the Hurrian civilization; there are also copies of a number of texts not published heretofore.

Table of Contents



Ernest Rene Lacheman, a Tribute--D. I. Owen, M. A. Morrison, C. H. Gordon

Bibliography of Ernest Rene Lacheman--M. A. Morrison, D. I. Owen


Notes on a Pair of Matching Texts: A Shepherd's Bulla and an Owner's Receipt--TZ. ABUSCH

Toponymic Parallels Between the Nuzi Area and Northern Syria. Appendix: Nuzi Place Names in Egyptian Topographic Lists--M. C. ASTOUR

Hurrians in Babylonia in the Late Second Millennium B.C.: An Unexploited Minority Resource for Socio-Economic and Philological Analysis--J. A. BRINKMAN

Une Querelle de Famille--E. CASSIN

Die Hausgotter der Familie Sukrija S. Huja--K. DELLER

Evidence on the Ethnic Divison of the Hurrians--I. M. DIAKONOFF

Die Familie Kizzuk--Sieben Kassitengeneration im Temtena und Suriniwe--G. DOSCH and K. DELLER

Suprarational Legal Procedures in Elam and Nuzi--T. FRYMER-KENSKY

Alalahian Miscellanies II--E. GAAL

The Nuzi Collections in the Harvard Semitic Museum--C.E. S. GAVIN

Erebu Marriage--C. H. GORDON

Dowry and Brideprice in Nuzi--K. GROSZ

Betrachtungen zum Gotte Tilla--V. HAAS

The Hurrian Story of the Sungod, the Cow and the Fisherman--H. A. HOFFNER, JR.

Life of the Military Elite in Arraphe--N. B. JANKOWSKA

Gurpisu sa aweli: The Helmets of the Warriors at Nuzi--T. KENDALL

The Office of halsuhlu in the Nuzi Texts--M. MAIDMAN

Beitrage zum hurro-akkadischen Lexikon II--W. MAYER

Evidence for Herdsmen and Animal Husbandry in the Nuzi Documents--M. A. MORRISON

Gasur nella Documentazione Epigrafica di Ebla--G. PETTINATO

Qualche dato di Confronto fra Nomi di Persona Hurriti--C. SAPORETTI

On Idrimi and Sarruwa, the Scribe--J. M. SASSON

Alcune Osservazioni sui Testi HSS XIX 113 e HSS XIX 114--P. NEGRI SCAFA

Uberlegungen zu einigen Demonstrativa und Partikeln des Hurritischen--H. J. THIEL

Zusammenschlusse von Nuzi-Texten--G. WILHELM

A Note on Nuzi Textiles--C. ZACCAGNINI


Ein fruhes tuppi maruti aus Tell al-Fahhar/Kurruhanni--A. FADHIL

Texts from Arrapha and from Nuzi in the Yale Babylonian Collection--E. R. LACHEMAN and D. I. OWEN

Strays from a 'Nuzi' Archive. Appendix: Two 'Nuzi' Texts in the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine--A. R. MILLARD

Ein Prozess um einen Kreditkauf in Nuzi--M. MULLER

Text Fragments from Arrapha in the Kelsey Museum of Art and Archaeology, The University of Michigan--D. I. OWEN

Indexes to Part II--K. DELLER

Personal Names

Geographical Names

Professions and Titles

Month Names and Festivals

"Beautifully produced and rich in contents, this volume is a fitting tribute to a man who has devoted a lifetime to investigating, editing, and analyzing a rich harvest of texts recovered during the 1920s at Yorghan tepe, near Kirkuk. The unearthing of Nuzi texts helped to resurrect the culture and language of the Hurrians, which permitted a group of mostly American cuneiformists to begin decoding the biblical past according to the practices of second millennium B.C. civilizations."--Jack M. Sasson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in Religious Studies Review

"The Anniversary Volume in his honor was edited by two of his former students and contains contributions from many friends and colleagues. It remains an inspiring and beautiful tribute to a beloved teacher and dedicated scholar."--Samuel Greengus, HUC-JIR, Cincinnati in Journal of the American Oriental Society

"For many decades E. R. Lacheman systematically made fine hand copies of Nuzi tablets, for which he received little credit during his lifetime. Many were left unpublished when he died in 1982, and fortunately two American scholars have joined in completing this task. Hand copies of 161 tablets are given, checked against the originals, with a catalogue. They have been selected by the archives from which they come, and the first part of the book makes detailed studies of the various business families, relating the tablets to the find spots."--W. G. Lambert in SOTS Booklist

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