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First Urban Churches 3: Ephesus (James R Harrison) Paperback Book, (SBL Press, 2018) 9780884142348
First Urban Churches 3: Ephesus (James R Harrison) Paperback Book, (SBL Press, 2018) 9780884142348
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Title: First Urban Churches 3: Ephesus

Author: Harrison, James R

Additional Authors or Contributors: L L Welborn (eds)

Publisher: SBL Press; Publication Date: 2018

Paperback; ISBN: 9780884142348

Volumes: 1; Pages: 382

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This third installment of The First Urban Churches edited by James R. Harrison and L. L. Welborn focuses on the urban context of Christian churches in first-century Ephesus. Building on the methodologies introduced in the first volume, contributors illustrate how an investigation of inscriptions, papyri, archaeological remains, coins, and iconography helps readers understand properly the challenges, threats, and opportunities that the early Ephesian believers faced in that city. The essays demonstrate decisively the difference that such an approach makes in grappling with the meaning and context of the New Testament writings, particularly Ephesians, Acts, and Revelation.


Ephesus. An epigraphic portrait of Ephesus and its villages / James R. Harrison

An Ephesian tale: mystery cults, reverse theological engineering, and the triumph of Christianity in Ephesus / Guy MacLean Rogers

The Jewish community in Ephesus and its interaction with Christ-believers in the first century CE and beyond / Paul Trebilco

Acclaiming Artemis in Ephesus: political theologies in Acts 19 / Bradley J. Bitner

The gladiator graveyard of Ephesus as evidence for the study of martyrdom / Mikael Haxby

[Ekklasia] in Ephesians as godlike in the heavens, in temple, in [gamos], and in armor : idealogy and iconography in Ephesus / Fredrick J. Long

From Zeus or by Endoios?: Acts 19:35 as a peculiar assessment of the Ephesian Artemis / Stephan Witetschek Ephesian cultic officials, their benefactors, and the quest for civic virtue: Paul's alternative quest for status in the epistle to the Ephesians / James R. Harrison

Ephesus and the numismatic background to [neokoros] / Michael P. Theophilos
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