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Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views (P C Kemeny (ed)) Paperback Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2007) 9780830834327
Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views (P C Kemeny (ed)) Paperback Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2007) 9780830834327
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Title: Church, State and Public Justice: Five Views

Author: Kemeny, P C (ed)

Publisher: InterVarsity Press; Publication Date: 2007

Paperback; ISBN: 9780830834327

Volumes: 1; Pages: 268

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Abortion. Physician-assisted suicide. Same-sex marriages. Embryonic stem-cell research. Poverty. Crime. What is a faithful Christian response?The God of the Bible is unquestionably a God of justice. Yet Christians have had their differences as to how human government and the church should bring about a just social order.Although Christians share many deep and significant theological convictions, differences that threaten to divide them have often surrounded the matter of how the church collectively and Christians individually ought to engage the public square.What is the mission of the church? What is the purpose of human government? How ought they to be related to each other? How should social injustice be redressed?The five noted contributors to this volume answer these questions from within their distinctive Christian theological traditions, as well as responding to the other four positions. Through the presentations and ensuing dialogue we come to see more clearly what the differences are, where their positions overlap and why they diverge. The contributors and the positions taken includeClarke E. Cochran: A Catholic Perspective Derek H. Davis: A Classical Baptist Perspective Ronald J. Sider: An Evangelical Anabaptist Perspective Corwin Smidt: A Reformed Principled Pluralist Perspective J. Philip Wogaman: A Mainline Protestant PerspectiveThis book will be instructive for anyone seeking to grasp the major Christian alternatives and desiring to pursue a faithful corporate and individual response to the social issues that face us.Table of ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction, by P. C. Kemeny1. Life on the Border: Church, State and Social Justice in Catholic Doctrine, by Clarke E. Cochran2. The Classical Separation Perspective, by Derek H. Davis3. The Principled Pluralist Perspective, by Corwin Smidt4. The Anabaptist Perspective, by Ronald J. SIder5. The Social Justice Perspective, by J. Philip Wogaman
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