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Latin Commentaries on Revelation ( Victorinus of Petovium Apringius of Beja, Caesarius of Arles, Bede the Venerable) Hardcover Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2011) 9780830829095
Latin Commentaries on Revelation ( Victorinus of Petovium Apringius of Beja, Caesarius of Arles, Bede the Venerable) Hardcover Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2011) 9780830829095
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Title: Latin Commentaries on Revelation

Author: Victorinus of Petovium, Apringius of Beja, Caesarius of Arles, Bede the Venerable

Publisher: InterVarsity Press; Publication Date: 2011

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780830829095

Volumes: 1; Pages: 250

List Price in Cloth: $60.00 Our price: $45.99

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Interest in the book of Revelation in the Western tradition is stronger and earlier than that in the East. The earliest full commentary on the Apocalypse is that of Victorinus of Petovium written in the mid to late third century by the earliest exegete to write in Latin. Victorinus interpreted Revelation in millennialist terms, a mode of interpretation already evident in works by Irenaeus, as well as in modest allegorical terms.Caesarius of Arles wrote in the early sixth century and offered a thoroughgoing allegorical-ecclesial interpretation of the Apocalypse. Apringius of Beja in Portugal, writing in the mid sixth century, drew on Jerome's edition of Victorinus's commentary yet understood the seven seals christologically as the incarnation, birth, passion, death, resurrection, glory and kingdom.Bede the Venerable, who died in 735, is the last commentator to be included in this collection. Characteristically, he passes on commentary from earlier exegetes, here including that of Augustine, Gregory the Great, Victorinus, Tyconius and Primasius.William Weinrich renders a particular service to readers interested in ancient commentary on the Apocalypse by drawing together these significant Latin commentaries. The work of translating these texts was begun in preparing the volume on Revelation in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. We are indebted to William Weinrich for completing this work with his able and fresh translation and notes on these texts.ContentsGeneral IntroductionAbbreviationsTranslator's IntroductionVictorinus of PetoviumCommentary on the ApocalypseChapter OneChapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter FourChapter FiveChapter SixChapter SevenChapter EightChapter NineChapter TenChapter ElevenChapter TwelveChapters Thirteen and SeventeenChapter Fourteen and SeventeenChapter NineteenChapter TwentyChapter Twenty-oneApringius of BejaExplanation of the Revelation by the Most Learned Man, Apringius, Bishop of Pax [Julia]Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter FourChapter FiveChapter EigheenChapter NineteenChapter TwentyChapter Twenty-oneChapter Twenty-twoCaesarius of ArlesExposition on the ApocalypseExposition on the Revelation of Saint JohnThe Continuation of the Exposition of the Revelation (Homily 2)Again, a Continuation of the Revelation (Homily 3)A Continuation of the Revelation (Homily 4)The Continuation (Homily 5)The Continuation (Homily 6)The Continuation (Homily 7)The Continuation (Homily 8)The Continuation (Homily 9)The Continuation (Homily 10)The Continuation (Homily 11)The Continuation (Homily 12)The Continuation of the Revelation (Homily 13)The Continuation (Homily 14)The Continuation (Homily 15)The Continuation (Homily 16)The Continuation of the Apocalypse (Homily 17)The Continuation (Homily 18)The Continuation (Homily 19)Bede the VenerableThe Exposition of the Apocalypse by Bede the PresbyterPrefatory Letter to EusebiusBook OneBook TwoBook Three
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