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Hear, My Son: Teaching and Learning in Proverbs 1-9 (Daniel J Estes) Paperback Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2000) 9780830826049
Hear, My Son: Teaching and Learning in Proverbs 1-9 (Daniel J Estes) Paperback Book, (InterVarsity Press, 2000) 9780830826049
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Title: Hear, My Son: Teaching and Learning in Proverbs 1-9

Author: Estes, Daniel J

Publisher: InterVarsity Press; Publication Date: 2000

Paperback; ISBN: 9780830826049

Volumes: 1; Pages: 174

List Price in Paper: $22.00 Our price: $17.99

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Even a cursory reading of the book of Proverbs reveals that it is dominated by the subject of education, or personal formation. The voice of the teacher addressing his pupils resounds from its pages. A wide array of topics is presented, and frequent exhortations challenge the learner to hear and heed the teacher's instruction. This material, however, comes for the most part without recognizable order or sequence. Much of Proverbs consists of apparently random collections of maxims. As readers, we see many individual pieces, but the puzzle as a whole remains unclear.In Hear, My Son, Daniel J. Estes synthesizes the teachings of the first nine chapters of Proverbs into a systematic statement of the theory of education and personal formation that lies behind the text. Working from the Hebrew text and building upon an extensive analysis of exegetical works, Estes organizes his study of Proverbs 1--9 into seven categories typical of pedagogical discussion: worldview, values for education, goals for education, curriculum for education, the process of instruction, the role of the teacher, and the role of the learner.His work agrees with but also transcends the original purpose of the text by revealing the foundational theory of intellectual and moral formation embedded in this important section of Scripure. It also has valuable things to say about constructing a bibilically informed philosophy of education today.ContentsSeries PrefacePrefaceChief abbreviationsIntroductionDescription of the studyRationale for the study1. The worldview of Proverbs 1-9Creation: The universe is Yahweh's creationOrder: Yahweh is sovereignly controlling the worldRationality: Yahweh's world is knowable, but also mysteriousFear of Yahweh: Humans must revere Yahweh in their livesConclusion2. Values for educationWisdomTeachabilityRighteousnessLifeConclusion3. Goals for educationCommitmentCharacterCompetenceProtectionProsperityKnowledge of GodConclusion4. Curriculum for educationObservationTraditionRevelationConclusion5. Process of instructionAddressDescriptionCondition with commandCommand with reasonsCommand with reasons and illustrationsCommand with consequencesCommand with rhetorical questionsIncentiveInvitationConclusion6. Role of the teacherThe teacher as an expert authorityThe teacher as a facilitatorThe teacher as a guideConclusion7. Role of the learnerThe learner must receive wisdomThe learner must respond to wisdomThe learner must value wisdomThe learner must assimilate wisdomConclusionConclusionRetrospectProspectBibliographyIndex of Scripture referencesIndex of authors
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