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Badiou, Marion and St Paul: Immanent Grace (Adam Miller) Hardcover Book, (Continuum, 2008) 9780826498700
Badiou, Marion and St Paul: Immanent Grace (Adam Miller) Hardcover Book, (Continuum, 2008) 9780826498700
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Title: Badiou, Marion and St Paul: Immanent Grace

Author: Miller, Adam

Publisher: Continuum International Pub Inc; Publication Date: 2008

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780826498700

Volumes: 1; Pages: 176

List Price in Hardcover: $130.00 Our price: $130.00

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Badiou, Marion and St Paul addresses the difficult question of whether it is possible to coherently think the notion of grace strictly in terms of immanence. The book develops a model for the thought of an immanent grace that avoids the traps of both obscurantism (the invocation of a wholly ineffably or transcendent ground for grace) and banality (the reduction of grace to nothing more than a variation of the established order). The conceptual resources needed for the development of such a model are gathered from sustained and original readings of St Paul's letter to the Romans, Jean-Luc Marion's Being Given and Alain Badiou's Being and Event. As each thinker is taken up, their unique contributions to the model are elaborated and their positions are coordinated with each of the others in order to render a comparative evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses possible. The result of this triangulation is the emergence of a common conceptual strategy that simultaneously opens surprisingly direct paths into the heart of each of their disparate projects and, more importantly, a viable route to the thought of a genuinely immanent grace.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Grace, Novelty, Immanence and Actuality

1. The Righteousness of God: A Theological Approach to an Immanent Grace

2. Givenness and Saturation: A Phenomenological Approach to an Immanent Grace

3. Events and Truth Procedures: A Subtractive Approach to an Immanent Grace

Conclusion: Toward an Immanent Theology



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