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God: Thoughts in an Age of Uncertainty (James M Byrne) Paperback Book, (Continuum, 2006) 9780826480989
God: Thoughts in an Age of Uncertainty (James M Byrne) Paperback Book, (Continuum, 2006) 9780826480989
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Title: God: Thoughts in an Age of Uncertainty

Author: Byrne, James M

Publisher: Continuum International Pub Inc; Publication Date: 2006

Paperback; ISBN: 9780826480989

Volumes: 1; Pages: 184

List Price in Paper: $14.95 Our price: $14.95

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Modern women and men have seen Nietzsche's proclamation of the death of God as a great liberation. Yet the death of old beliefs can cause us to feel that the world has grown colder.

In this important new book James Byrne explores how we can think creatively about God again. By engaging with philosophers such as Kierkegaard, Sartre and Nietzsche, as well as contemporaries as varied as The Dalai Lama and the late British journalist John Diamond, Byrne invites us to abandon na ve ideas about God and to think of God as something more than the idol of the Church, philosophers and theologians. In particular, he argues that taking God seriously means taking our own talk about God less seriously and in good humor.

"... to be talked about in homes, pubs and clubs ... very readable, not too long and well designed."--Borderlands

"If the book has a defining purpose, it is to get rid of infantile idolatry about God by nudging us towards something like a 'third way' beyond theism and atheism."--Times Literary Supplement

"An interesting book with ... pithy comments on many topics of theology and many theologians, past and present."--Reform

"Byrne has written a theological survey of such industrious comprehensiveness and scrupulous non-commitment that it seems to give every reader the opportunity to choose any sort of divine being, from one bigger than all the universe to an impulse within himself that is usually called conscience. ... He is undogmatic and moderate, and gently stimulating."--The Spectator

"... a challenging, post-modernist approach to the perennial God-qusetion. ... Those who close the book too soon will miss its surprising retrieval of mysticism-the mysticism of everyday life. ... Byrne finds a surprising renewal of interest in the question of God in post-modernity."--Lexington Theological Quarterly

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