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Spirit of the Last Days: Pentecostal Eschatology in Conversation with Jurgen Moltmann (Peter Althouse) Paperback Book, (T & T Clark, 2004) 9780826466853

Title: Spirit of the Last Days: Pentecostal Eschatology in Conversation with Jurgen Moltmann

Author: Althouse, Peter

Publisher: T & T Clark; Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9780826466853

Volumes: 1; Pages: 232

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Early Pentecostals proclaimed the restoration of the charismatic gifts as a sign of the imminent coming of Christ. This eschatology was later marginalized by the rise of fundamentalist dispensationalism. Today Pentecostal eschatology is being revised to include a more transformative view of the kingdom. This book proposes a further revision of Pentecostal eschatology created to recover prophetic elements of early Pentecostalism that invite a responsible social engagement in the world, and to overcome fundamentalist assumptions which have crept into Pentecostal theology in its middle years. To this end, the eschatological thought of selected Pentecostal theologians is placed in dialogue with Jurgen Moltmann. This dialogue critiques fundamentalist tendencies within contemporary Pentecostalism by advocating a theology more open to history and creation, and a Pentecostal ethic both personal and social in scope.

Table of Contents

Foreword by J rgen Moltmann


1: Pentecostal Eschatology: The Story of the 'Latter Rain'

2: Revisioning Pentecostal Eschatology: Contemporary Pentecostal Theologians Rethink the Kingdom of God

3: The Transformationist Eschatology of J rgen Moltmann

4: Eschatological Dialogue: Convergences and Divergences between Moltmann and the Pentecostals

5: Conclusion
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