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Apocalyptic in History and Tradition (Christopher Rowland) Hardcover Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2002) 9780826462084
Apocalyptic in History and Tradition (Christopher Rowland) Hardcover Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2002) 9780826462084
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Title: Apocalyptic in History and Tradition

Author: Rowland, Christopher

Additional Authors or Contributors: John Barton (eds)

Publisher: Bloomsbury T & T Clark; Publication Date: 2002

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780826462084

Volumes: 1; Pages: 352

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Apocalyptic themes have formed a significant part of the Jewish and Christian religions. This is becoming more widely recognized, but it is the pervasiveness of such themes in art, literature and history which contributes most to this collection of essays, moving from the study of biblical apocalyptic to its role in wider culture. The interest in apocalypticism which was prompted by the turn of the millennium should not be a temporary phase in intellectual life since, as these essays indicate, the wide influence of apocalypticism deserves a central place in theological and historical study.

Table of Contents

1. Paul S. Fiddes, 'Millennium and Utopia: Images of a Fuller Presence'

2. John J. Collins, 'Temporality and Politics in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature'

3. Bob Becking, 'Expectations about the End of Time in the Hebrew Bible--Do They Exist?'

4. David J. Bryan, 'Exile and Return to Jerusalem'

5. David Valeta, 'The Satirical Nature of the Book of Daniel'

6. Yvonne Sherwood, '"Not with a Bang but a Whimper": Shrunken Apocalypses of the Twentieth Century--and the Bible'

7. Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis, 'Jesus, the Temple, and the Dissolution of Heaven and Earth'

8. Paulo Nogueira, 'Visionary Elements in the Trnasfiguration Narrative'

9. Christopher Rowland, 'The Apocalypse in History: The Place of the Book of Revelation in Christian Theology and Life'

10. Henry Mayr-Harting, 'Apocalyptic Book Illustration in the Early Middle Ages'

11. J rgen Moltmann, 'Progress and Abyss: Remembering the Future of the Modern World'

12. Bryan Wilson, 'Millennialism and Sect Formation in the Nineteenth and Twenitieth Centuries'

13. John Jarick, 'The Fall of the House (of Cards) of Ussher: Why the World Did Not End at Sunset on 22 October 1997'

14. David Chalcraft, 'Max Weber on the Watchtower: On the Prophetic Use of Shakespeare's Sonnet 102 in Politics as a Vocation'

15. Christopher Garbowski, 'Tolkien's Eschatology of Hope: From Ragnar k to Joyous Subcreation'

16. Larry J. Kreitzer, '"The Horror! The Whore!": The Abomination of Desolation and Conrad's Heart of Darkness'

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