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Conversion in the New Testament (Ronald D, SS Witherup) Paperback Book, (Liturgical Press, 1994) 9780814658376
Conversion in the New Testament (Ronald D, SS Witherup) Paperback Book, (Liturgical Press, 1994) 9780814658376
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Title: Conversion in the New Testament

Author: Witherup, Ronald D, SS

Publisher: Liturgical Press; Publication Date: 1994

Paperback; ISBN: 9780814658376

Volumes: 1; Pages: 140

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The upsurge of "born again" Christianity has made conversion, a perennially important topic, especially popular today. With its special emphasis on the Bible and its teachings, evangelical Christianity has championed the need for conversion in modern life. But what does the Bible really say about conversion? Is the New Testament view of conversion uniform? Is it a one-time occurrence or an ongoing process? According to the gospels, how central to the message of Jesus is conversion?Many studies focus on psychological or anthropological aspects of conversion, but they give only a nod to the biblical data. This book contends that an overly narrow view of the biblical teaching on conversion has effectively distorted the average Christian's understanding of this topic. The New Testament contains a much broader and more diverse perspective on conversion than is usually recognized, which Father Witherup organizes and presents."Conversion in the New Testament is a model work of New Testament Theology. It provides a reliable guide that illustrates how the various writings of the New Testament develop one of the most central themes of the Christian life. Written in a clear and lively style, this work will be of immense value to laity and pastors interested in the New Testament."--Frank J. Matera, Professor of New Testament, The Catholic University of America"Witherup has given us a very useful and clear book about a key notion in Christian life. The next time you hear someone talk about being 'born again,' you will be glad you have read it and received competent guidance about what really is involved in turning to Christ."--Raymond E. Brown, S. S., Auburn Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Union Theological Seminary"This book takes the notion of conversion out of purely psychological or evangelical circles and places it squarely in the middle of New Testament theology. ... This slim volume is well researched and clearly written. It is one of those unusual books that challenges the serious student without intimidating the beginner."--Dianne Bergant, C. S. A., Catholic Theological Union
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