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What Are They Saying about Q? (Benedict T Viviano) Paperback Book, (Paulist Press, 2013) 9780809148394
What Are They Saying about Q? (Benedict T Viviano) Paperback Book, (Paulist Press, 2013) 9780809148394
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Title: What Are They Saying about Q?

Author: Viviano, Benedict T

Publisher: Paulist Press; Publication Date: 2013

Paperback; ISBN: 9780809148394

Volumes: 1; Pages: 112

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In this book, distinguished professor and author Bernard Viviano, OP, presents a valuable survey of scholarly research on Q, from the German Logien-Quelle, the sayings source. Q or source is thought to be one of two written sources behind the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke and is defined as the "common" material found in Matthew and Luke but not in their other written source, the Gospel of Mark.In this clear and informational work, the author:Surveys the scholarship on Q from its beginnings up to the most recent studies.Describes in a clear and simple way the nature and contents of Q.Presents in a judicious way the different views on Q: those who support it and those who endorse it.Provides examples that will help the reader assess the importance of Q and its consequences, for a better understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus.Table of ContentsPreface ix List of Abbreviations xi 1. Introduction 1 What Is Q? 1 Genre 3 Q Summarized 4 Problems Posed by the Contents of Q 6 2. The Discovery and Reception of Q in Germany 10 The First Mention of Q? 11 Schleiermacher 12 Strauss, Weisse, and Holtzmann 14 Von Harnack 15 Siegfried Schulz 18 Text Study: Q on Christology 21 Excursus on the Possible Authenticity of Matthew 11:27 25 3. The Reception of Q in the British Isles 32 Streeter 33 Burkitt and Manson 36 The Anti-Q Backlash: Farrer, Goulder, Goodacre, and Watson 39 Pro-Q Support Continues: Tuckett, Catchpole, and the Oxford Symposium 48 Text Study: A Marcan-Q Overlap on Discipleship 51 4. The Catholic Reception of the Q Postulate 56 The Political Background 56 The French Catholic Reception of Q: Lagrange, Loisy, and De Solages 57 The German Catholic Reception of Q: Schmid, Wikenhauser, and Hoffmann 62 Sancta Mater Ecdesia: Precursor to Vatican II?s Dei Verbum 63 The Flemish Belgian Reception of Q: Neirynck 64 Schillebeeckx 65 Text Study: Judgment and Wisdom in Q 68 5. The Study of Q in North America 71 J. M. Robinson 71 Excursus on the Gospel of Thomas 73 Kloppenborg 74 The International Q Project 76 U.S. Catholics: Brown, Fitzmyer, and Meier 78 U.S. Protestants: Davies, Allison, and Perrin 80 Mack and Fleddermann 81 Recent Developments 82 Text Study: Q's Final Verses 85 Conclusion 86 Notes 89 Select Bibliography 99 Index of Names 105 Index of Scripture, Q, and Ancient Texts 109
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