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Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion (Hans Kung) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802863591
Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion (Hans Kung) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802863591
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Title: The Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion

Author: Kung, Hans

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802863591

Volumes: 1; Pages: 234

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Translated by John BowdenIn an age when faith and science seem to clash constantly, can theologians and scientists come to a meeting of minds? Hans Kng here continues his brilliant espousal of the argument that they can indeed, as he seeks to reconcile theology with the latest scientific insights.Focusing on beginnings--beginnings of time, of the world, of man,o f human will. The Beginning of All Things takes on an array of scientific precepts and teachings. From a unified field theory to quantum physics to the theory of relativity, even superstring and chaos theories, the earliest and latest theories regarding life in this universe are examined.Kng seeks to make peace between science and religion, holding that "a confrontational model for the relationship between science and theology is out of date, whether put forward by fundamentalist believers and theologians or by rationalistic scientists and philosophers." In that light, he accepts evolution as scientists generally describe it, but still maintains a role for God in founding the laws of nature by which life evolved and in facilitating the adventure of creation. Exhibiting little patience either for scientists who do not see beyond the limits of their discipline or for believers who try to tell experts how things must have been, Kng challenges readers to think more deeply about the beginnings in order to facilitate a new beginning in dialogue and understanding.CONTENTSLet There Be Light!1. A Unified Theory of Everything?1. The Riddle of RealityA Twofold RiddleThe New Model of the World: Copernicus, Kepler, GalileoChurch against ScienceThe Victory of Science2. A Physical Description of the BeginningThe New Physics: Einstein's Relativistic Space-TimeAn Expanding UniverseThe Big Bang and Its Consequences3. What Holds the World Together in Its Innermost Being?Heisenberg and Quantum TheoryThe World Formula--a Great HopeGUT instead of GOD? HawkingThe World Formula--a Great Disappointment4. The Dispute about the Foundations of MathematicsMathematics without Contradiction? GdelNo Ultimate Theory of EverythingOccasion for Self-Critical Reflection5. The Inadequacies of PositivismRejection of the Meta-empirical? PopperOnly Meaningless Pseudoproblems?The Impossibility of Proving All Statements True, Even in ScienceThe Autonomy and Limits of Scientific Knowledge6. The Questionability of RealityUniverse--Human Being--SelfMultidimensional and Multilayered RealityReason, but Not Reason Alone7. Science and Theology: Different PerspectivesScience: The Foundation but Not the TotalityTheology Too Needs Self-CriticismPhysical Knowledge Cannot Transcend the World of ExperienceA Model of Complementarity instead of a Model of Confrontation or Integration2. God as Beginning?1. The Question of the Beginning of BeginningsThe Singularity of the BeginningThe "Copernican Shift" in Philosophy: DescartesProofs of God--Doomed to Failure: KantCounterproofs Also Fail2. Science Blocked by the Critique of Religion?The Rights and Wrongs of the Critique of Religion: Feuerbach, Marx, FreudThe Death of God? NietzscheScience Must Leave God Out of AccountAtheism Is Understandable but Not Necessary3. Where Do the Constants in Nature Come From?A Universe Finite in Space and TimeIntellectual Helplessness in the Face of the Question of OriginsWhere Do the Principles of Cosmic Order Come From?Instinctive Opposition4. Reactions to the Cosmic Fine-TuningCosmological Speculation: Alternative UniversesIs Our Universe One among Many?A Cosmological Demonstration: A Designer UniverseCan God Be Proved by Physics?A Questionable Basic Motivation5. Why Isn't There Nothing?A Solution to the Riddle of the WorldIgnorance Also Grows with KnowledgeApproaching the Primal MysteryGod as HypothesisGod as RealityAn Archimedean Point3. Creation of the World or Evolution?1. The Beginning as the Beginning of a BecomingEvolution of the Biological Species: DarwinThe Descent of Human Beings from the Animal Kingdom2. Theological DefenseAnglican PerplexityA Second Galileo Case for the Catholic ChurchProtestant Creationism3. Evolution with or without God?Progress without God: ComteEvolution to God: Teilhard De ChardinGod in Process: Whitehead4. How Are We to Think of God?An Alternative to the Word "God"?God--a Being above the Earth?Space-Time, Embraced by Eternity and UnfathomabilityIs God a Person?5. Bible and CreationCreation Myths of the World ReligionsA Need for Information?The Magna Carta of the Jewish-Christian WorldviewA Metaphorical LanguageNo Harmonization or Mixing6. The Testimony of Faith to the Ultimate OriginCreation of Space and Time from NothingWhat Is the Meaning of Belief in Creation Today?"In Light Inaccessible"4. Life in the Cosmos?1. How Long Has There Been Life?What Is "Life"?Are We Alone in the Universe?A Vain Quest2. How Did Life Arise?The Vehicles of LifeMatter Organizes Itself3. Chance or Necessity?The Primacy of Chance?Natural Laws Guide ChanceIs God Superfluous?An Existential Alternative4. Why a Universe That Is Friendly to Life?Evolution toward Human BeingsAn Anthropic Principle?No Ultimate Foundation5. MiracleBreaking the Laws of Nature?Results of Biblical CriticismPointers for Faith6. How Are We to Think of God's Activity?A Spiritualized Understanding of GodThe Infinite Has an Influence on the FiniteNo Competition between God and the World5. The Beginning of Humankind1. The Physical Development of Human BeingsPhylogenesisHuman Beings Come from AfricaEarliest Traces of Religion2. The Psychological Development of Human BeingsThe Body-Soul ProblemPsyche instead of SoulConditioned FreedomEnvironmentally Conditioned and Preprogrammed3. Brain and MindDetermined by Physical-Chemical Brain Processes?Is Free Will an Illusion?The Trivialization of Responsibility and Guilt by the Neurosciences4. The Limits of Brain ResearchIgnorance about the Decisive Levels of the BrainThe Big Questions of the NeurosciencesChemistry and Physics Do Not Explain the SelfExperience of FreedomThe Spiritual Cosmos5. The Beginnings of the Human EthicEvolutionary Biological and Sociocultural FactorsThe Primal Ethic as the Basis for a Global EthicEven the Biblical Ethic Has a HistoryThe One Light and the Many LightsEpilogue: The End of All ThingsHypotheses of the End in PhysicsApocalyptic Visions of the EndThe Significance of the Biblical VisionsDying into the LightA Word of ThanksIndex
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