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Interpreting Contemporary Christianity: Global Processes and Local Identities (Ogbu U Kalu Alaine Low (eds)) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802862426
Interpreting Contemporary Christianity: Global Processes and Local Identities (Ogbu U Kalu Alaine Low (eds)) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802862426
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Title: Interpreting Contemporary Christianity: Global Processes and Local Identities

Author: Kalu, Ogbu U Alaine Low (eds)

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802862426

Volumes: 1; Pages: 368

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In this multidisciplinary interpretation of world Christianity and the changing shape of the global religious landscape, scholars consider the complex dynamics shaping Christianity's recent expansion in all parts of the globe. They view the explanations of homogenization or American cultural influence as being necessarily limited and seek to point to the far more varied intersections of external influence and indigenous appropriation. The geographical coverage and the voices from various corners of the globe exemplify the shift of Christianity's center of gravity away from the northern hemisphere. New voices, new methods, and new perspectives emerge here.Table of Contents PrefaceBrian StanleyContributorsPART ITHE GLOBAL AND THE LOCAL:ROOTING THEORY INTO CONTEXTS1. Changing Tides: Some Currents in World Christianity at the Opening of the Twenty-First CenturyOgbu U. Kalu2. Globalization, Religion, and Evangelical Christianity: A Sociological Meditation from the Third WorldPaul Freston3. Redemption and Progress: Analogies of Protestantism and Popular Culture in the PhilippinesBrian M. Howell and Anthony dela Fuente4. African Christianity, Globalization, and Mission: Marginalizing the CenterJehu J. HancilesPART IITHE GLOBALIZING IMPULSE IN CHRISTIANITY5. The First Globalization? The Internationalization of the Protestant Missionary Movement Between the World WarsDana L. Robert6. The Kingdom of God versus the Church: The Debate at the Conference of the International Missionary Council, Tambaram, 1938Sebastian C. H. KimPART IIIDOMESTICATION, TOOLING, AND REINVENTION:MINISTERIAL FORMATION7. New Evangelical Universities: Cogs in a World System or Players in a New Game?Joel Carpenter8. The North China Theological Seminary: Evangelical Theological Education in China in the Early 1900sKevin Xiyi YaoPART IVLOCAL AGENCY:CHARISMATIC AND PENTECOSTAL TRANSFORMATIONS9. Consuming Fire: Pandita Ramabai and the Global Pentecostal ImpulseEdith L. Blumhofer10. Pentecostalism and Christian Utopia in China: Jing Dianying and the Jesus Family Movement, 1921-1952Feiya Tao11. Local Portraits of Christ in Africa Today: Jesus as Chief/King in Ghanaian ChristianityDiane Stinton12. Gendered Appropriation of Mass Media in Kenyan Christianities: A Comparison of Two Women-Led African Instituted Churches in KenyaPhilomena Njeri Mwaura13. Globalization and African New Religious Movements in EuropeAfe AdogamePART VCULTURAL AND SOCIO-POLITICAL DIMENSIONSOF GLOBAL PROCESSES14. Christianity, Ethnicity, and Structural Violence: The Northeast India CaseJohn ParrattBibliography of Principal Secondary SourcesIndex
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