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Creation (Hans Schwarz) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2002) 9780802860668
Creation (Hans Schwarz) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2002) 9780802860668
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Title: Creation

Author: Schwarz, Hans

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2002

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802860668

Volumes: 1; Pages: 266

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One of the most relevant and accessible writers of theology working today, Hans Schwarz here explores the Christian doctrine of creation from biblical, historical, and scientific perspectives, arguing that true dialogue between religion and the sciences provides the fullest and most meaningful picture of the universe.Schwarz first surveys scientific explanations for the origins of the universe and of life and discusses the scientific understanding of matter, space, time, and determinism. He then reviews the history of Christian responses to science's discoveries, including a summary of reactions from Christian scientists. He completes his analysis with a proposal for the development of a Christian understanding of creation.Through this engaging approach Schwarz leads Christians and scientists away from isolation in their respective arenas and draws them toward an appreciation of their complementary contributions to the questions of humanity's origin and destiny. Ultimately, he maintains that Christian hope is based neither on science nor on the denial of science, but on God's self-disclosure in the life and destiny of Jesus the Christ.Table of ContentsPrefaceIntroductionPART I: NATURE WITHOUT GODThe Dawning of Modern ScienceThe Attack of MaterialismThe Attack of EvolutionPART II: THE WORLD IN SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE1. The Universe a. Theories concerning the Beginning of the Universe b. Theories concerning the Future of the Universe Matter and Antimatter Universe Continuous Creation (Steady State Theory) Theses from the Quantum Cosmology A Dying Universe?2. Life a. The Genetic Foundation of Evolution b. Unity and Evolvement of the Living Species c. The Origin of Life3. A Relativistic Understanding of the World a. The Dissolution of Matter b. The Relativity of Space and Time c. The Cause-and-Effect Sequence (Determinism)PART III: REGAINING A CHRISTIAN FAITH IN CREATION4. The Gradual Rediscovery of the Created Order a. The American Way: Indifference--Caution--Embrace--Neglect Intitial Reaction in Periodical Literature The Fears of Charles Hodge From Hesitancy to Enthusiasm The Reception of Darwinism The Conservative Backlash b. Benign Neglect The Continental Way: From Apologetic Discernment to Withdrawal Apologetic Discernment Albrecht Ritschl and His Followers c. The Beginning Dialogue with the Natural Sciences in the Twentieth Century d. Scientists at the Border (von Weizscker, Davies, Hawking, Tipler) e. Theological Positions Today (Barth and Torrance, Teilhard and Process Thought, Pannenberg and Moltmann)Excursus: Creationism5. Developing a Christian Understanding of Creation a. The Understanding of Creation according to the Biblical Witness b. The Biblical Creation Narratives c. Creation in the Beginning (Creatio ex Nihilo) d. Humanity as Creature and Cocreator e. Divine Preservation of Creation (General Providence) Preservation within Nature Preservation through Moral Conduct Preservation through the Historical Process f. Special Providence Miracles Prayer g. Completion of CreationIndex of NamesIndex of SubjectsIndex of Scripture ReferencesReviewsGabriel FackreThis book is a unique chronicle of the relations between science and theology--from an earlier "warfare" through bifurcation to today's dialogue and possibilities of mutual enrichment. Drawing on lessons learned from this history, theologian Hans Schwarz develops his own doctrine of creation, showing how the ancient biblical story can be creatively related to the insights of modern cosmology.Philip ClaytonHans Schwarz brings to this book the historical depth and the systematic breadth of the German theological tradition. Students will profit from the characteristic rigor of Schwarz's survey of the Christian doctrine of creation.
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