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Sex, Marriage, and Family Life in John Calvin's Geneva, Volume 1: Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage (John, Jr Witte Robert M Kingdon) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2005) 9780802848031
Sex, Marriage, and Family Life in John Calvin's Geneva, Volume 1: Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage (John, Jr Witte Robert M Kingdon) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2005) 9780802848031
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Title: Sex, Marriage, and Family Life in John Calvin's Geneva, Volume 1: Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage

Author: Witte, John, Jr Robert M Kingdon

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2005

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802848031

Volumes: 1; Pages: 488

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You wouldn't expect it from his dour reputation, but John Calvin transformed the Western concept of sex, marriage, and family life. This fascinating, occasionally sensational volume comprehensively treats the new theology and law that he established in sixteenth-century Geneva.Calvin made marriage and divorce, children's welfare, and sexual sin matters of both church and state, and the reforms that he initiated--new rights and duties for wives in the bedroom, fault-based divorce on grounds of adultery and desertion, protection for impoverished widows, and more--have made their way into civil and common law traditions on both sides of the Atlantic.Bringing to light hundreds of newly discovered cases and laws, as well as scores of theological texts, Witte and Kingdon trace the subtle historical patterns of sex, marriage, and family life that have continued to shape new generations.CONTENTSSeries PrefaceForeword, by Don S. BrowningPreface and AcknowledgmentsAbbreviationsIntroductionThe Sources of ReformCalvin's AlliesHow We Arranged the MaterialOther Pertinent Material1. Making and Breaking Intimate BondsAn Overview of the Reformation of Engagement,Annulment, and Marriage in GenevaThe TraditionThe ReformationSELECTED DOCUMENTS1-1 Calvin's Attack on the Catholic Theology and Canon Law on Marriage (1536)1-2 Marriage Ordinance (1546)2. The New Alliance of Church and StateThe Reformation Work of the Genevan Council and Consistory Council and ConsistoryCouncil and ConsistoryPatterns of Consistory CasesTable 1: 1546 Cases on Sex, Marriage, and FamilyTable 2: 1552 Cases on Sex, Marriage, and FamilyTable 3: 1557 Cases on Sex, Marriage, and FamilySummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS2-1 Ordinances on Offices and Officers (1543)2-2 Ecclesiastical Ordinances (1541)3. Looking for Love in All the Right PlacesCalvin on Courtship and MatchmakingTheological Reflections on CourtshipCalvin's Own CourtshipCalvin the MatchmakerSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS3-1 Commentary on Genesis 6:2 (1554)3-2 Commentary on Genesis 29:18 (1554)3-3 Letter to Farel (February 28, 1539)3-4 Letter to Farel (May 19, 1539)3-5 Letter to Farel (February 6, 1540)3-6 Letter to Farel (ca. March 29, 1540)3-7 Letter to M. de Falais (July 4, 1546)3-8 Letter to Viret (July 13, 1546)3-9 Letter to Viret (July 15, 1546)3-10 Letter to Viret (July, 1546)3-11 Letter to Viret (July 25, 1546)3-12 Letter to M. de Falais (October 4, 1546)3-13 Letter to M. de Falais (November 16, 1546)3-14 Letter to Valeran Poulain (March, 1547)3-15 Letter to Oswald Myconius (May, 1547)3-16 Letter to M. de Falais (May 1, 1547)3-17 Letter to M. de Falais (May 26, 1547)3-18 Letter to M. de Falais (August 16, 1547)3-19 Letter to M. de Falais (September 10, 1547)4. Love Thyself as Thy NeighborIndividual Consent to Engagement and MarriageMutual Consent and the Impediment of CompulsionFrivolous, Drunken, and Mistaken PromisesConditional PromisesSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS4-1 Sermon on Deuteronomy 25:5-12 (1556)4-2 Commentary on the Harmony of the Law Exodus 22:16-17 (1563)4-3 Sermon on Deuteronomy 22:25-30 (1556)4-4 Calvin's Consilium on Coerced Consent of Children (n. d.)4-5 Theodore Beza on Coerced Marriage Promises (1569)4-6 Case of Pierre Jaqueno and Claude Conte (1545)4-7 Case of Marco Ducloz and Paula (1547)4-8 Case of Nicolas Adduard and Jehanne Pyto (1546)4-9 Case of Jaques Charvier and Anne de Beaumont (1552)4-10 Case of Louise Fornier and Jean Tru (1559)4-11 Case of Roland Vuarrier and Aima (1547)4-12 Case of Jaquema Quay and Claude Genod (1557)4-13 Case of Jeanne Gerod and Pierre Durand (1547)4-14 Case of Guillaume Darnex and Philippa (1552)4-15 Case of Michee Morard and Hudry Rojod (1557)4-16 Case of Girard Perlet's Two Servants (1546)4-17 Case of Pierre Bron and Berte (1547)4-18 Theodore Beza on the Impediments of Error (1569)4-19 Case of Michel Pesson and George Marin (1546)4-20 Letter of Attestation to Neuchtel (1547)4-21 Case of Jean Philippe and Anne Renaud (1554)4-22 Case of Pierre Sautier (1552)4-23 Case of Guyonne Copponay and Hugo Cant (1556)4-24 Case of Louis Bourgeoise and Mademoiselle Levrat (1547)5. Honor Thy Father (and Thy Mother)Parental Consent to Engagement and MarriageThe 1546 Marriage Ordinance and Its InterpretationTheological and Prudential ReflectionsConsistory CasesSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS5-1 Commentary on 1 Corinthians 7:36-38 (1546)5-2 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawNumbers 30:2-5 (1563)5-3 Commentary on Genesis 24:1-3, 57 (1554)5-4 Commentary on Joshua 15:14 (1563)5-5 Theodore Beza on Parental Consent and Clandestine Marriages (1569)5-6 Case of Louise Loup and Nicod des Planches (1552)5-7 Case of Jenon Ramou, Franoise Tournier, Humbert Gallatin, and Jean Berto (1552)5-8 Case of Pierre Clerc, Clement de Biffort, and Fiance (1557)5-9 Case of Nicolas, Jaques d'Orlans, and His Fiance (1552)5-10 Case of Jeanne Nepveur and Louis Blanchet (1556-1557)5-11 Case of Nicolas Millet and Michee Gaudi (1557)5-12 Case of Etienne de Lonnay and Maxima (1547)5-13 Case of Girard Reveillet and Fiance (1545)5-14 Case of Jean Casaux and Madeleine D'Agnon (1561)5-15 Case of Pierre Dolen and Mademoiselle Fertz (1546)6. Capacity to Contract MarriageThe Impediments of Infancy and Mental InabilityThe Impediment of Infancy or ImpubertyThe Impediment of Mental InabilitySummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS6-1 Calvin's Consilium on Marriage of Youngsters (n. d.)6-2 Theodore Beza on Marriage of Children (1569)6-3 Letter to Guillaume Farel (1541)6-4 Case of Claude Gringet (1548)6-5 Case of Pierre Mestrazat (1547)6-6 Case of Jean Dimier and Nicolarde du Pont (1546)6-7 Case of Jaques Rosset and Madeleine Lechiere (1557)6-8 Theodore Beza on Impediments of Mental Inability (1569)7. The Two Shall Become One FleshThe Impediment of Polygamy or PrecontractTheological Writings on PolygamyConsistory Cases on PrecontractSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS7-1 Commentary on Genesis 2:24 (1554)7-2 Sermon on Genesis 2:22-24 (1559)7-3 Commentary on the Harmony of the Gospel Matthew 19:4-5 (1555)7-4 Commentary on Ephesians 5:31 (1548)7-5 Sermon on Deuteronomy 21:15-17 (1555)7-6 Commentary on Genesis 4:19 (1554)7-7 Commentary on Genesis 29:27-31, 30:1-3 (1554)7-8 Lecture on Malachi 2:15-16 (1559)7-9 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawDeuteronomy 17:17 (1563)7-10 Commentary on 1 Timothy 3:2 (1548)7-11 Case of Blaise de La Croix and Yolande (1552)7-12 Case of Philiberte Le Chapuis et al. (1557)7-13 Case of Claude Plantain et al. (1561)7-14 Case of Pierre Rapin (1542)7-15 Case of Marthe Piguier et al. (1555-1556)7-16 Case of Claude Du Noyer (1558)7-17 Case of Robert Cuysin (1552)8. Fitness for MarriageThe Impediments of Lack of Virginity, Contagion,Sexual Incapacity, and Disparity in AgeLack or Betrayal of Presumed VirginityContagion or Incurable DiseaseSexual DysfunctionDisparities of AgeSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS8-1 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawLeviticus 21:7-9, 13-15 (1563)8-2 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawDeuteronomy 22:13-21 (1563)8-3 Sermon on Deuteronomy 22:13-24 (1556)8-4 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawDeuteronomy 22:23 (1563)8-5 Commentary on the Harmony of the GospelMatthew 1:18-19 (1555)8-6 Theodore Beza on the Error of Virginity (1569)8-7 Case of Jean Bolliet and Pernete (1544)8-8 Case of Pierre Chevallier and Claude Gra (1557)8-9 Case of Pierre Butin and His Fiance Claude8-10 Theodore Beza on Diseases Contracted Before Marriage (1569)8-11 Calvin's Consilium on Contagious Disease in Marriage (1561)8-12 Case of Claude Fornier and Fiance (1556)8-13 Commentary on the Harmony of the GospelMatthew 19:12 (1555)8-14 Calvin's Consilium on Marriage of the Frigid and Eunuchs (n. d.)8-15 Theodore Beza on Invalidity of Marriage for Eunuchs (1569)8-16 Theodore Beza on Impediments of Sexual Disability8-17 Case of Franois Chastellain (1556)8-18 Case of Girard and Janon Favre (1545-1547)8-19 Case of Martin Favre and Antoine Favre Called Ponssonire (1547)8-20 Letter to Nicholas Parent (December 14, 1540)8-21 Report on Farel's Marriage in Annales Calviniani8-22 Letter to Guillaume Farel (September, 1558)8-23 Letter to the Pastors of Neuchtel (September 26, 1558)8-24 Case of Leonard Boulon and Wife (1557)8-25 Case of Thomas Lambert and Jehanne-Marie (1557)8-26 Case of Bartholomie D'Orsires and Ducreson (1556-1557)9. Thou Shalt Not Uncover the Nakedness of a RelativeThe Incest ImpedimentsTheological TeachingsConsistory Cases on IncestSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS9-1 Theodore Beza's Tables on Impediments (1569)9-2 Commentary on the Harmony of the LawLeviticus 18:6-18 (1563)9-3 Consilium on Consanguinity and Affinity (n. d.)9-4 Consilium on Whether a Man May Marry His Deceased Wife's Sister (n. d.)9-5 Consilium on Whether a Man May Marry His Dead Brother's Widow (n. d.)9-6 Commentary on Genesis 38:8-11 (1554)9-7 Commentary on Genesis 35:22 (1554)9-8 Commentary on Genesis 38:12-30 (1554)9-9 Sermon on 2 Samuel 13:1-14 (1562)9-10 Commentary on 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 (1546)9-11 Case of Aime Rivilliod and His Maid (1546)9-12 Case of Claude Michallet and His Daughter-in-Law (1547)9-13 Case of Antoine Chappuys and Her Nephew Michel (1556)9-14 Case of Andr Duplot and His Aunt Jeanne Court (1557)9-15 Case of Michel Pointeau (1557)9-16 Case of Claude Michaud and Aima Manget (1552)9-17 Case of Dom Legier Joli and Jaqueme of Etaux (1546)9-18 Case of Amied de Leamon and Claudine (1546-1547)9-19 Case of Franois Du Frney and Claudine of Gy (1551-1552)9-20 Case of Jeanne and Jaques Marcellin (1556-1557)10. Do Not Be Unequally Yoked with UnbelieversThe Theology and Law of Interreligious MarriageTheological TeachingsConsistory CasesSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS10-1 Commentary on Genesis 6:1-2 (1554)10-2 Commentary on Genesis 26:34 (1554)10-3 Commentary on Genesis 38:2 (1554)10-4 Sermon on Deuteronomy 21:10-14 (1555)10-5 Lecture on Malachi 2:11 (ca. 1560)10-6 Letter to Lelio Sozzini (June, 1549)10-7 Letter to Lelio Sozzini (December 7, 1549)10-8 Commentary on 1 Corinthians 7:12-16 (1546)10-9 Letter to Anonymous Woman (July 22, 1552)10-10 Consilium (April 28, 1556)10-11 Case of Ami Andrion de la Rive and Daughter Franoise (1547)10-12 Case of Franois Danel of Jussy (1556)10-13 Case of Bernard and Rolette Vel (1557)10-14 Case of Jean Mercier (1556)10-15 Case of Pierre Boucheron and Marguerite des Bordes (1547)10-16 Case of Bernard and Pavicte Martin (1557)10-17 Theodore Beza on Marriage with Unbelievers (1569)11. For Richer or PoorerThe Economics of Engagement and MarriageThe TraditionThe ReformationSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS11-1 Marriage Contract of Germain Colladon and Claude Bigot (1536)11-2 Letter to Viret (August 19, 1542)11-3 Letter to Farel (July 1, 1558)11-4 Letter to de Falais (July 17, 1548)11-5 Commentary on Genesis 29:14-25 (1554)11-6 Commentary on Genesis 24:22 (1554)11-7 Fragment of Calvin's Draft Ordinance on Matrimonial Property (n. d.)11-8 Case of Louis Piaget and Fiance (1545)11-9 Case of Jean de Landcy and Mia (1546)11-10 Case of Robert Moreau and Jeanne (1552)11-11 Case of Philibert Berthellier (1552)11-12 Case of Thomas Bonna and Claudine de Loelmoz (1552-1553)11-13 Civil Edicts (January 29, 1568)11-14 Marriage Contract of Michel Guichon and Pernette Cuvat (1569)12. "The Perilous Interval"Premarital Delay, Sex, and DesertionDelayed Weddings, Premarital Sex, and CohabitationPremarital DesertionSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS12-1 Case of Pernodi (1546)12-2 Case of Franois Chapuis (1547)12-3 Case of Jehanne Belletta and Guillaume Douq (1547)12-4 Case of the Widow Simon (1546)12-5 Case of Bertrand Guignon and Annette de Bellevaux (1556)12-6 Case of Toussaint de La Mare and Catherine Senarti (1556)12-7 Case of Pierre Deveaux and Guigonne (1550)12-8 Case of Jean Pillet and Claudine Pascart (1557)12-9 Case of Mia de Grilliez (1547)12-10 Case of Jean Millet (1556)12-11 Case of George and Rene Tardi (1556)12-12 Case of Aubigny Gardet and Madeleine (1556)12-13 Case of Antoine and Aima Tornier (1552)12-14 Theodore Beza on Desertion of Fiancs (1569)12-15 Case of Jehanne Besson, alias Fontanna (1545)12-16 Case of Jeanne Verney (1557)12-17 Case of Gervaise Bochue and Claude Bonadventura (1547)12-18 Case of Franoise Collonbeyre (1556)12-19 Case of Jean Philippe and Anne Regnau (1556-1557)13. I Now Take TheeOf Banns and WeddingsWedding Laws, Liturgies, and FeastsConsistory CasesSummary and ConclusionsSELECTED DOCUMENTS13-1 The Parisian Passwind, Observations of Genevan Weddings (1556)13-2 The Manner of Celebrating Holy Matrimony (1545)13-3 Letter to Christoph Fabri (1553)13-4 Commentary on the Gospel of John 2:1-11 (1553)13-5 Case of Jean Leccot (1548)13-6 Case of Etienne de Faye and Marie Salmon (1557)13-7 Case of Arnauld Casaubon and Mengine Rousseau (1557)13-8 Case of Antoine Maurin and Wife (1556)13-9 Case of Claude de Boyssiere and Antoine Lenarde (1557)13-10 Case of Jean Antoine and Catherine Bret (1557)13-11 Petition of Adam Fumee and Michelle de Millone (1547)13-12 Case of Dancing, Drinking, and Debauchery at Wedding (1546)13-13 Letter to Ami Perrin (1546)13-14 Letter to Guillaume Farel and Pierre Viret (1546)14. Concluding ReflectionsThe Emerging Covenantal Model of Engagement and MarriageGeneral IndexIndex to Biblical Sources
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