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Early History of God: Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel (Mark S Smith) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2002) 9780802839725
Early History of God: Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel (Mark S Smith) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2002) 9780802839725
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Title: The Early History of God: Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel

Author: Smith, Mark S

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2002

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802839725

Edition: 2nd Volumes: 1; Pages: 289

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Foreword by Patrick D. MillerIn this remarkable, acclaimed history of the development of monotheism, Mark S. Smith explains how Israel's religion evolved from a cult of Yahweh as a primary deity among many to a fully defined monotheistic faith with Yahweh as sole god. Repudiating the traditional view that Israel was fundamentally different in culture and religion from its Canaanite neighbors, this provocative book argues that Israelite religion developed, at least in part, from the religion of Canaan. Drawing on epigraphic and archaeological sources, Smith cogently demonstrates that Israelite religion was not an outright rejection of foreign, pagan gods but, rather, was the result of the progressive establishment of a distinctly separate Israelite identity. This thoroughly revised second edition of The Early History of God includes a substantial new preface by the author and a foreword by Patrick D. Miller.ContentsForeword to the Second Edition, by Patrick MillerPreface to the Second Edition1. Recent Research on Deities2. Important Trends since 19903. Theoretical Challenges4. Asherah/asherah Revisited5. In RetrospectAcknowledgments (First Edition)Abbreviations and SiglaIntroduction1. The Question of Understanding Israelite Religion2. Presuppositions in This StudyCHAPTER ONEDeities in Israel in the Period of the Judges1. Israel's "Canaanite" Heritage2. Yahweh and El3. Yahweh and Baal4. Yahweh and Asherah5. Convergence of Divine Imagery6. Convergence in Israelite Religion7. Israel and Its NeighborsCHAPTER TWOYahweh and Baal1. Baal Worship in Israel2. Imagery of Baal and Yahweh3. The Role of the Monarchy4. Excursus: Yahweh and AnatCHAPTER THREEYahweh and Asherah1. Distribution in the Biblical Record2. The Symbol of the Asherah3. The Inscriptional Evidence4. Asherah--An Israelite Goddess?5. The Assimilation of the Imagery of Asherah6. Excursus: Gender Language for YahwehCHAPTER FOURYahweh and the Sun1. The Biblical Record2. The Role of the Monarchy3. The Assimilation of Solar ImageryCHAPTER FIVEYahwistic Cultic Practices1. Yahwistic Cultic Symbols and Sites2. Practices Associated with the Dead3. The mlk SacrificeCHAPTER SIXThe Origins and Development of Israelite Monotheism1. The Period of the Judges2. The First Half of the Monarchy3. The Second Half of the Monarchy4. The Exile5. Israelite Monotheism in Historical PerspectiveCHAPTER SEVENPostscript: Portraits of Yahweh1. Processes Leading to Divine Portraiture in Israel2. The Absence of Some Canaanite Divine Roles in the Biblical RecordIndexes of TextsBiblical CitationsIntertestamental TextsPost-Biblical Jewish ReferencesTexts from UgaritOther Near Eastern InscriptionsClassicalIndex of AuthorsGeneral Index
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