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Christians and Missionaries in India: Cross-Cultural Communication since 1500 (Robert Eric Frykenberg (ed)) Paperback Book, (Word, 2003) 9780802839565
Christians and Missionaries in India: Cross-Cultural Communication since 1500 (Robert Eric Frykenberg (ed)) Paperback Book, (Word, 2003) 9780802839565
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Title: Christians and Missionaries in India: Cross-Cultural Communication since 1500

Author: Frykenberg, Robert Eric (ed)

Publisher: Word; Publication Date: 2003

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802839565

Volumes: 1; Pages: 431

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This interesting volume challenges the long-held assumption that Christianity in India is nothing but a colonial or Western imposition. Leading experts here chronicle the histories and cultures of India's many Christian communities and show that local Indian leaders were the real agents of religious change in the subcontinent.These chapters range widely over various facets of Indian society and its religious developments. Of crucial importance is the fact that in exploring their subjects the contributors take pains to avoid the Eurocentric nature of most studies of India and represent Christianity from a genuinely Indocentric perspective. The result is an entirely new vista from which to view the history, features, and influence of Indian Christianity.Contents1. Introduction: Dealing with Contested Definitions and Controversial PerspectivesRobert Eric Frykenberg2. Christians in India: An Historical Overview of Their Complex OriginsRobert Eric Frykenberg3. First European Missionaries on Sanskrit GrammarIwona Milewska4. Country Priests, Catechists, and Schoolmasters as Cultural, Religious, and Social Middlemen in the Context of the Tranquebar MissionHeike Liebau5. Tanjore, Tranquebar, and Halle: European Science and German Missionary Education in the Lives of Two Indian Intellectuals in the Early Nineteenth CenturyIndira Viswanathan Peterson6. Christianity, Colonialism, and Hinduism in Kerala: Integration, Adaptation, or Confrontation?Penelope Carson7. Constructing "Hinduism": The Impact of the Protestant Missionary Movement on Hindu Self-UnderstandingGeoffrey A. Oddie8. Receding from Antiquity: Hindu Responses to Science and Christianity on the Margins of Empire, 1800-1850Richard Fox Young9. "Pillar of a New Faith": Christianity in Late-Nineteenth-Century Punjab from the Perspective of a Convert from IslamAvril A. Powell10. Missionaries and Print Culture in Nineteenth-Century Assam: The Orunodoi Periodical of the American Baptist MissionJayeeta Sharma11. The Santals, Though Unable to Plan for Tomorrow, Should Be Converted by SantalsMarine Carrin and Harald Tambs-Lyche12. Christian Missionaries and Orientalist Discourse: Illustrated by Materials on the Santals after 1855Peter B. Andersen and Susanne Foss13. Glimpses of a Prominent Indian Christian Family of Tirunelveli and Madras, 1863-1906: Perspectives on Caste, Culture, and ConversionE. M. Jackson14. Social Mobilization among People Competing at the Bottom Level of Society: The Presence of Missions in Rural South India, ca.1900-1950Gunnel Cederlf15. From Pentecostal Healing Evangelist to Kalki Avatar: The Remarkable Life of Paulaseer Lawrie, alias Shree Lahari Krishna (1921-1989)--A Contribution to the Understanding of New Religious MovementsMichael Bergunder16. Praising Baby Jesus in Iyecupiran PillaitamilPaula RichmanIndex
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