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Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God (Ron Highfield) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802833006
Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God (Ron Highfield) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2008) 9780802833006
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Title: Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God

Author: Highfield, Ron

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802833006

Volumes: 1; Pages: 487

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In keeping with the classic Christian tradition, Great Is the Lord sets out the doctrine of God in a way that illumines the mind, moves the heart, and stirs the soul to praise the triune God. Ron Highfield introduces students, ministers, and others to the 'traditional' doctrine of God held by the majority of the church from the second to the twentieth century: God is triune, loving, merciful, gracious, patient, wise, one, simple, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, omnipresent, immutable, impassible, and glorious.Irenically challenging open theism and process theology, Highfield draws on Scripture, tradition, and widely esteemed theologians to correct common misunderstandings and superficial criticisms. He examines the modern practice, even among evangelicals and conservatives, of first rehearsing the shortcomings of 'traditional' theological teaching and then claiming that classical doctrines paint God as uncaring, uninvolved, and threatening to human freedom. Great Is the Lord shows that the classical doctrine of God actually preserves our confidence in God's love and his liberating action better than its opponents do. The traditional doctrine, Highfield argues, grounds our dignity and freedom in the center of reality, the trinitarian life of God.Highfield's work maintains the highest scholarly standards throughout even as it offers a true theology for the praise of God, concluding with a section on the ethics of the doctrine of God.Table of Contents PREFACEABBREVIATIONSPART 1: KNOWING GOD1. The Word Is Near You:Revelation, Scripture, and TraditionRevelationCan We Know God?What Is Revelation?Revelation as Feeling?Natural RevelationHoly ScriptureScripture and the Apostolic TraditionThe Christian CanonThe Doctrine of ScriptureTraditionThe Roman Catholic ViewThe Protestant ViewA Continuing Role for Tradition?2. With All Your Heart and Mind:Reason, Experience, and TheologyReasonReason's UsesReason AbusedExperienceExperience UsedExperience AbusedExperience in RetrospectTheologyExpanded Definition and Brief JustificationThe Method of TheologyObjections to Theology from Ordinary BelieversElements and Activities of Theology3. What Fools Don't Know:The Existence of GodAsking the Right QuestionA Misleading QuestionThe Right QuestionOpposing OptionsThe Pagan OptionThe Atheist OptionThe Agnostic OptionGod's Self-DemonstrationArguments for God's ExistenceCosmological ArgumentsThe Moral ArgumentThe Ontological ArgumentThe Usefulness of the "Proofs"What God's Existence MeansThe Cosmic MeaningThe Existential Meaning4. Where Being Means Loving:The Tri-unity of GodThe Traditional Doctrine of the TrinityThe Triune Teaching in ScriptureTrinitarian TextsDeity-Affirming TextsPerson-Distinguishing TextsTexts That Unify the PersonsThe Trinity in the Old TestamentTheological Examination of the Doctrine of the TrinityThe Gospel, the Economic, and the Immanent TrinityAlternatives to the Doctrine of the TrinityCoherence and ConsistencyPART II: THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES5. Where Words Praise and Silence Adores:The Divine AttributesThinking the Incomprehensible and Speaking the IneffableAn Unusual QuestionThe Analogy of Faith and the Divine AttributesThe Grammar of Attribute LanguageObjections to the Traditional GrammarClassifying the AttributesThe Unity of the AttributesThe Biblical Teaching on the AttributesThe Biblical Names of GodStatements of Direct AttributionStatements about God's ActionsNarratives of God's ActionsThe Praise of Israel and the ChurchSummary of Biblical Data on the Attributes6. Love Transcendent:Divine Love, Righteousness, and HolinessGod Is LoveScriptural TeachingTheology of the Love of GodContrary Views: Is God's Love Really Free?Response to the Critics: Yes, God's Love Really Is FreeThe Amazing Nature of Divine LoveThe Holiness of His LoveThe Holy God in ScriptureTheology of God's HolinessDomesticating the HolyThe Righteousness of GodRighteousness in ScriptureTheology of God's RighteousnessQuestioning God's Righteousness7. Love's Humility, Charity's Skill:Divine Grace, Mercy, Patience, and WisdomThe Grace of GodThe Gracious God of ScriptureAmazing GraceThe Unity of Grace with Holiness and RighteousnessGreat Is His MercyThe Merciful God of ScripturePerspectives on God's MercyThe Patience of GodGod's Patience in ScriptureTheology of God's PatienceThe Wisdom of GodWisdom in ScriptureTheology of Wisdom8. Where Life Lives Triumphant:Divine Freedom, Life, Spirituality, and PersonhoodDivine FreedomScriptureThe TraditionTheology of Divine FreedomThe Living GodLife in ScriptureTheology of Divine LifeGod Is SpiritSpirit in ScriptureTheology of SpiritThe Tri-Personal GodPerson in ScriptureTheology of PersonhoodConclusion9. The Only "One and Only":Divine Uniqueness and SimplicityDivine UniquenessThe Teaching of ScriptureTheology of God's UniquenessDivine SimplicityThe TraditionTheology of Divine SimplicityA Christian Answer to the Simplicity Problem?10. Where All Times Meet:Divine Omnipresence and EternityGod's OmnipresenceThe Scriptural TeachingThe TraditionTheology of OmnipresenceThe Eternal GodWhat Scripture SaysThe TraditionTheology of God's EternityThe Relationship of Eternity and TimeModes of Contemporaneity?11. Where Knowing and Doing Converge:Divine Omniscience and OmnipotenceThe All-Knowing GodOmniscience in ScriptureTheology of God's KnowledgeDoes God Really Know All Things?Yes, God Really Does Know All ThingsTaking SidesThe Omnipotence of GodDivine Omnipotence in ScriptureThe Traditional TeachingTheology of OmnipotenceIs God's Power Really Unlimited?Divine Omnipotence and Human Freedom12. Love's Passionate Serenity:Divine Immutability, Impassibility, and GloryThe Immutability of GodDivine Immutability in ScriptureImmutability in the TraditionTheology of Divine ImmutabilityContemporary Objections to ImmutabilityIn Defense of ImmutabilityThe Impassibility of GodWhy Impassibility?Contemporary Critics of ImpassibilityThe Glory of GodGlory in ScriptureTheology of God's GloryDoes God Do Everything for His Own Glory?PART III: ETHICS13. Or the Stones Will Cry Out:The Ethics of the Doctrine of GodThe Divine CommandGod's Command in ScriptureChristian Ethics as the Theology of God's CommandThe Eternal Command of GodGod's Command to CreaturesThe Ethics of the Doctrine of GodSeek Him!Follow Him!Praise Him!BIBLIOGRAPHYINDEX OF NAMES AND SUBJECTSINDEX OF SCRIPTURE REFERENCES
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