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Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology (Mark C Mattes) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802828569
Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology (Mark C Mattes) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802828569
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Title: The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology

Author: Mattes, Mark C

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand); Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802828569

Volumes: 1; Pages: 216

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The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology looks closely at the abiding influence of the doctrine of justification in modern Christian thought. Mark C. Mattes critically evaluates the use of justification in the theologies of five leading Protestant thinkers--Eberhard Jngel, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Jrgen Moltmann, Robert W. Jenson, and Oswald Bayer--pointing out their respective strengths and weaknesses and showing how each matches up with Luther's own views.Offering both an excellent review of recent trends in Christian theology and a powerful analysis of these trends, Mattes points readers to the various ways the doctrine of justification has been applied today. Despite the greatness of their thought, Jngel, Pannenberg, and Moltmann each accommodate the doctrine of justification to goals aligned with secular modernity. Both Jenson and Bayer, on the other hand, use the doctrine as a means to challenge the secularity of the modern academy. In the end, Mattes argues that Bayer's position is to be preferred as closest to Luther's own, and he shows why it offers the greatest potential for confronting current attempts at self-justification before God.ContentsForeword, by Klaus SchwarzwllerAcknowledgmentsAbbreviationsIntroduction1. The Question of the Doctrine of Justification's Role in TheologyThe Purpose of This StudyLuther Our ContemporaryAn Overview of This Study Part OneThe Role of Justification in Theological Strategies of Accommodation2. Eberhard Jngel: Justification in the Theology of the Speech EventTheological InfluencesThe Ontology of the Justifying GodThe Ontology of Justified HumanityJngel and LutherSummary and Critical Assessment3. Wolfhart Pannenberg: Justification in the Theology of the Metaphysical OneLaw-Gospel Distinction as Epochal, Not IterativeJustification by Faith as "Ecstatic Fellowship"Metaphysical PresuppositionsStrategies of EcumenismPannenberg and LutherSummary and Critical Assessment4. Jrgen Moltmann: Justification in the Theology of LiberationJustification within the Matrix of HopeHuman Praxis as the Clue That Makes Divine Agency TransparentJustice without LiberationMoltmann and LutherSummary and Critical AssessmentPart TwoThe Role of Justification in Non-Accommodating Theological Strategies5. Robert Jenson: Justification in the Theology of the Perfected ChurchTrinity as Abbreviated Church; Church as Extended TrinityJustification as Real-Ontic BondBaptizing God as the Route to EcumenismThe Primary Mission of the ChurchJenson and LutherSummary and Critical Assessment6. Oswald Bayer: Justification and the Theology of the Speech ActHamann, Luther, and HermeneuticsMetacritique and the Nature of ReasonCreation Theology and Human PathosRelation between the Locutionary and the IllocutionaryBayer and LutherSummary and Critical AssessmentConclusion7. Justification as the Discrimen of TheologyRelativizing the Relationship between First- and Second-Order DiscoursesTheology's Eschatological LimitThe Positive Role of TheologyThe Relevance of Justification and the Irrelevance of RelevanceThe Task of the ChurchRestoring CreationIndex of NamesIndex of SubjectsIndex of Scripture References
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