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David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King (Baruch Halpern) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802827975
David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King (Baruch Halpern) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802827975
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Title: David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King

Author: Halpern, Baruch

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand); Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802827975

Volumes: 1; Pages: 512

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The Bible portrays King David as an exceptional man and a paragon of godly devotion. But was he? Some scholars deny that he existed at all. Did he? This challenging book examines the written and archaeological evidence critically in an effort to paint an accurate picture of one of the Bible's central figures.Neither defending nor rejecting the traditions about David, Baruch Halpern, a leading scholar of biblical history and the ancient Near East, traces the origins and development of David's persona. Because the biblical text clearly responds to concerns that can only be contemporary with David himself, we can believe that David was both real and a central actor in the historical drama of ancient Israel. Yet at the same time, the written record also shows that contemporaries understood David's character to be much more unsavory than the tradition has hitherto allowed.Halpern digs beneath the layers of tradition to understand David as an individual, as a person. The man he uncovers turns out to have been complex, ambiguous, and above all, surprising. According to Halpern, the image of David grew over time. He was the founder of the dynasty that perpetuated the texts about him, and they progressively exaggerated his accomplishments. But in the earliest writings David remains a modest figure, as this book shows for the first time. To understand David as a human being, one must keep in mind that he was primarily a politician who operated in a rough-and-tumble environment in which competitors were ready literally to slit throats.Halpern's work raises many provocative questions: Was David an Israelite or a Philistine? Was Solomon really David's son? Did David take the throne of Israel by the consent or against the will of the people? How many murders did he commit on his way to the crown? Indeed, was David someone it would have been wise to even invite to dinner? The challenging arguments in David's Secret Demons are sure to provoke all kinds of discussion among biblical scholars and general readers alike. In addition--a big bonus--Halpern's accessible, at times humorous prose will itself draw readers everywhere into the compelling story of David found between these covers.ContentsPART I: DAVID IN WRITING1. The Surprising David2. David's History in the Books of Samuel1. The Stage Set2. Introducing David3. Saul's Death4. The Civil War5. Building the Israelite State6. David and Bathsheba7. Absalom's CoupPART II: PENETRATING THE TEXTUAL VEIL3. Dating 2 Samuel4. King David, Serial Killer1. The Portrayal of David and the Date of 2 Samuel2. Ten Little IndiansCase 1: NabalCase 2: Saul and His Sons at GilboaCase 3: IshbaalCase 4: AbnerCase 5: Saul's Other DescendantsCase 6: AmnonCase 7: AbsalomCase 8: AmasaCase 9: Uriah The Apology and the Absalom Revolt3.PART III: DEFINING DAVID'S EMPIRE5. How to Take Up What Kings Set Down1. History, the Public Form of Memory2. The Image of the King in Royal Propaganda3. The Tiglath-Pileser Principle6. Reading David's Conquests7. Appendix: 2 Samuel 8 Settling the Philistine Question: 2 Samuel 8:18. The Conquest of Moab: 2 Samuel 8:29. David and Hadadezer: 2 Samuel 8:3 and the History of the Ninth Century1. David at the River2. The Northern States1. Hadadezer, Ruler of the House of Rehob?2. Hazael, King of Amqi?3. Hazael, Invader of Amqi?4. Rehob and Zobah3. Zobah and David's Empire4. The Name of Hadadezer10. David in the North and in Transjordan: 2 Samuel 8:3-111. Understanding 2 Samuel 8:3-112. David's Stela11. The Date and Reception of 2 Samuel 812. David's Display? 2 Samuel 8 and the Historicity of the Davidic State1. Propaganda and Its Implications for Historical Reality2. The Claims of Samuel and the Date of the TextPART IV: A HISTORICAL OVERTURE TO DAVID'S CAREER13. The Relative Chronology of David's Reign14. Appendix: Ages of Kings at Death Geography of the Davidic State1. The External Borders of David's State2. The Magnification of David's State1. The Early Magnification2. Theories of the Israelite Settlement3. The Magnifying Lens4. Is Jonah Liable?3. Dating the Extension of David's StatePART V: A LIFE OF DAVID15. David's Youth1. The Sources2. The Name of David3. David's Daddy4. David's Antecedents5. Location in BethlehemAppendix: Chart of the A and B16. Sources in 1 Samuel 8-2 Samuel 1 David and Saul1. In Saul's Court2. The Wilderness Years3. A Foreign Affair17. On the Hot Seat in Hebron1. From Gath to Hebron2. Kingship in a Nutshell3. David across the River4. David's Philistine Pedigree5. Hebron and the Gibeonites6. The Civil War7. The Cuckoo in the Nest18. Rising over Zion1. The Taking of Jerusalem2. The Philistine Wars19. Bringing Home the Ark1. Celebrating a Homecoming2. The Dynastic Oracle3. The Saulide Hostage20. David's Wars1. The Ammonite War2. Edom3. Other Regions21. Absalom's Gift22. The Aftermath of Absalom's Revolt1. The Aftermath: David's Policies for Expansion2. After Absalom: David and Israel3. Solomon's Succession4. Solomon's PoliticsAPPENDIX23. The Archaeology of David's Reign1. Introduction2. Megiddo, Gezer, and Hazor3. Downdating the Solomonic Layers4. Ramses III and the Sea Peoples5. The Dating of the Tenth-Century Strata: Positive EvidenceAfterwordGeneral Index of Select TopicsIndex of Scholars Cited
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