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Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil (Peter van Inwagen (ed)) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2004) 9780802826978
Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil (Peter van Inwagen (ed)) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2004) 9780802826978
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Title: Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil

Author: Inwagen, Peter van (ed)

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802826978

Volumes: 1; Pages: 330

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The problem of evil has challenged religious minds and hearts throughout the ages. Just how can the presence of suffering, tragedy, and wrongdoing be squared with the all-powerful, all-loving God of faith? This book gathers some of the best, most meaningful recent reflections on the problem of evil, with contributions by shrewd thinkers in the areas of philosophy, theology, literature, linguistics, and sociology.In addition to bringing new insights to the old problem of evil, Christian Faith and the Problem of Evil is set apart from similar volumes by the often-novel approaches its authors take to the subject. Many of the essays pursue classic lines in speculative philosophy, but others address the problem of evil through biblical criticism, the thought of Simone Weil, and the faith of battered women and African American slaves. As a result, this book will interest a wide range of readers.ContentsIntroductionPeter van InwagenSupralapsarianism, or 'O Felix Culpa'Alvin PlantingaProbability and Draper's Evidential Argument from EvilRichard OtteMore Pain and Pleasure: A Reply to OttePaul DraperThe Argument from EvilPeter van InwagenThe Problem of Evil: Moral Constraints and Philosophical CommitmentsDel Kiernan-LewisThe Problem of PomegranatesStephen GriffithSuffering as Religious ExperienceLaura Waddell EkstromThe Gospel of Redemptive Suffering: Reflections on John Paul II's Salvifici DolorisEduardo J. Echeverria"In the Bible, It Can Be So Harsh!" Battered Women, Suffering, and the Problem of EvilCarol WinkelmannNormal Narcissism and the Need for TheodicyRichard T. McClellandGod, Evil, and the Thought of Simone WeilRobert StanleySeeing God Where the Wild Things Are: An Essay on the Defeat of Horrendous EvilJohn R. SchneiderInnocent Sinfulness, Guilty Sin: Original Sin and Divine JusticeKeith D. WymaFaith Confronts EvilBarbara OmoladeContributors
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