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Till the Heart Sings: A Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood (Samuel Terrien Forward by Phyllis Trible) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802822376
Till the Heart Sings: A Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood (Samuel Terrien Forward by Phyllis Trible) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand), 2004) 9780802822376
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Title: Till the Heart Sings: A Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood

Author: Terrien, Samuel Forward by Phyllis Trible

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans (Print on Demand); Publication Date: 2004

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802822376

Volumes: 1; Pages: 284

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Far from supporting the sexism of traditional Judaism and Christianity, the biblical texts offer a vision of gender equality unique to the ancient world. In this widely influential study, Samuel Terrien systematically shows that when the books of the Old and New Testaments are viewed in their historical growth, they reveal a theology of manhood and womanhood that runs counter to modern religious attitudes and practices.In the course of his thorough analysis of Scripture, Terrien eloquently examines a host of themes bearing on the issues of gender and personhood, from the myth of the Garden and the eros-agape continuum in the Song of Songs to male overreactions to sexual mysticism and the Gnostic personification of wisdom. Terrien also explores matters related to marriage, homosexuality, and male and female priesthood, all with the aim of uncovering a truly biblical understanding of the relationship between the genders and between all people and God.ContentsForeword, by Phyllis TriblePrefaceIntroductionHermeneutics and Theology--Sexuality and Canonical Exegesis--The Gospel and the Law--The Thrust of Hebraic Faith Within ChristianityChapter 1: Woman, Crown of CreationThe Two Stories of Creation--The Myth of the Garden--Man's Existential Loneliness--Woman as Savior--An Aesthetic and Lasting Mystery--The Totality of Love--Precedence of "Maritality" over Male Filiality--Paradigm of Covenantal MutualityChapter 2: The Lure of InfinitySnake Worship--Magical Use of Sexuality--The Attempt to Grasp Infinity--The Tree of Absolute Knowledge--A Lust for Self-DeificationChapter 3: The Eros-Agape ContinuumHuman Love in the Hebrew Epic--Interpretations of the Song of Songs--Structure and Unity--A Musical Masque of Love--Against Eden's CurseChapter 4: The Gender of GodHuman Love as Theological Metaphor--Maternal Semantics and the Mother Goddess--Paternal Tyranny and Divine Fatherhood - Matriarchy and the Fatherhood of GodChapter 5: Circumcised Male and Pollutant FemaleEzekiel and the Pentateuch--Circumcision as Covenant Rite--Laws of Sexual Purity--Women in Ancient Hebraism--Women in Early JudaismChapter 6: The Play of WisdomThe Ecumenical Outlook--Early Wisdom and Woman--The Inaccessibility of Divine Wisdom--The Play of Wisdom in Yahweh's Presence--Toward a Theology of MediationChapter 7: From Sophia to LogosWisdom and the Eros-Agape Continuum--The Love of Wisdom in Ben Sirach--Wisdom and Zion--The Hellenistic Sophia--Jesus and Wisdom--The Johannine LogosChapter 8: Jesus, Woman, and the Fatherhood of GodWomanhood in Ritual Judaism--The Women Who Followed Jesus - The Sexuality of Jesus--Wisdom's Vindication in Womanhood--The Violation of the Torah--Sexual Sin and Male Pride--The Samaritan Woman as Apostle--Mary Magdalene, Midwife to Christianity--Jesus and the Fatherhood of GodChapter 9: Men and Women in the Infant ChurchMen and Women in the Jerusalem Church--The Magnificat and Radical Feminism--Men and Women in the Greco-Roman Churches - Women Ministers and ApostlesChapter 10: Paul on Human LiberationWas Paul a Celibate?--Paul's Ideal of Marriage--The Half-liberated Legalist--The Voice of Woman in the Church--The Issue of Homosexuality--Man and Woman as New BeingsChapter 11: The Ambiguities of the Second GenerationWas Hebrews Written by a Woman?--The Followers of Paul - Gnostic Deviations and Male Politics--The Unresolved TensionsChapter 12: Man and Woman in ChristianityA God-centered Humanism--Wisdom in the Word--Androgyny and the Eschatological Woman--The Wonders and the Pitfalls of Human Love--Toward a New Theology of Priesthood--Our Father Who Art in HeavenPrincipal AbbreviationsNotesSelected BibliographyIndexesPassagesSubjectsAuthors
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