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Keeping the Sabbath Wholly (Marva J Dawn) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 1989) 9780802804570
Keeping the Sabbath Wholly (Marva J Dawn) Paperback Book, (Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 1989) 9780802804570
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Title: Keeping the Sabbath Wholly

Author: Dawn, Marva J

Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co; Publication Date: 1989

Paperback; ISBN: 9780802804570

Volumes: 1; Pages: 234

List Price in Paper: $18.00 Our price: $11.99

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But I don't wanna go to church!" Marva Dawn has often heard that cry and not only from children. "What a sad commentary it is on North American spirituality," she writes, "that the delight of 'keeping the Sabbath day' has degenerated into the routine and drudgery even the downright oppressiveness of 'going to church.'"According to Dawn, the phrase "going to church" both reveals and promotes bad theology: it suggests that the church is a static place when in fact the church is the people of God. The regular gathering together of God's people for worship is important it enables them to be church in the world but the act of worship is only a small part of observing the Sabbath.This refreshing book invites the reader to experience the wholeness and joy that come from observing God's order for life a rhythm of working six days and setting apart one day for rest, worship, festivity, and relationships. Dawn develops a four-part pattern for keeping the Sabbath: (1)ceasing not only from work but also from productivity, anxiety, worry, possessiveness, and so on; (2) resting of the body as well as the mind, emotions, and spirit a wholistic rest; (3) embracing deliberately taking hold of Christian values, of our calling in life, of the wholeness God offers us; (4) feasting celebrating God and his goodness in individual and corporate worship as well as feasting with beauty, music, food, affection, and social interaction.Combining sound biblical theology and research into Jewish traditions with many practical suggestions, Keeping the Sabbath Wholly offers a healthy balance between head and heart: the book shows how theological insights can undergird daily life and practice, and it gives the reader both motivation and methods for enjoying a special holy day.Dawn's work unpretentiously eloquent, refreshingly personal in tone, and rich with inspiring example promotes the discipline of Sabbath-keeping not as a legalistic duty but as the way to freedom, delight, and joy. Christians and Jews, pastors and laypeople, individuals and small groups all will benefit greatly from reading and discussing the book and putting its ideas into practice.ContentsI CEASING1. Ceasing Work2. Ceasing Productivity and Accomplishment3. Ceasing Anxiety, Worry, and Tension4. Ceasing Our Trying to Be God5. Ceasing Our Possessiveness6. Ceasing Our Enculturation7. Ceasing the Humdrum and MeaninglessnessII RESTING8. Spiritual Rest9. Physical Rest10. Emotional Rest11. Intellectual Rest12. Aids to Rest13. Social Rest14. An Ethics of CharacterIII EMBRACING15. Embracing Intentionality16. Embracing the Values of the Christian Community17. Embracing Time instead of Space18. Embracing Giving instead of Requiring19. Embracing Our Calling in Life20. Embracing Wholeness-Shalom21. Embracing the WorldIV FEASTING22. Feasting on the Eternal23. Feasting with Music24. Feasting with Beauty25. Feasting with Food26. Feasting with Affection27. Feasting and Festival28. Sabbath Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, and FeastingAppendix: A Few Suggestions for Rituals to Begin and End the Sabbath Day
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