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Lonergan Reader (Bernard J F Lonergan Mark D Morelli and Elzabeth A Morelli (eds)) Hardcover Book, (University of Toronto Press, 1997) 9780802042514
Lonergan Reader (Bernard J F Lonergan Mark D Morelli and Elzabeth A Morelli (eds)) Hardcover Book, (University of Toronto Press, 1997) 9780802042514
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Title: The Lonergan Reader

Author: Lonergan, Bernard J F Mark D Morelli and Elzabeth A Morelli (eds)

Publisher: U of Toronto Press; Publication Date: 1997

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780802042514

Volumes: 1; Pages: 628

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Bernard Lonergan's work is both original and comprehensive. It can be grasped only by working one's way slowly and carefully through his major writings. In order to make Lonergan's unique contribution to philosophy and theology accessible to students and teachers, the editors of The Lonergan Reader have brought together in a single volume selections that represent the depth and breadth of his thought. The full range of Lonergan's basic philosophical positions, the key transitional moments in the development of his thought, and the main elements of his innovative theological method are thoroughly represented.The Lonergan Reader includes an abridgment of Lonergan's massive foundational work, Insight, and extensive selections from his last major work, Method in Theology. In addition, the volume contains the complete texts of several articles that expanded and transformed his original positions and a broad range of shorter selections.The volume highlights not only Lonergan's essential philosophical writings, but also reveals the larger cultural and theological dimensions of his work.CONTENTSIntroduction Pt. 1 Insight: A Study of Human Understanding: Selections I Introduction to Insight II The Act of Insight III The Complementarity of Classical and Statistical Investigations IV Common Sense and Its Subject V Common Sense as Object VI Things and Bodies VII Judgment VIII Self-Affirmation of the Knower IX The Notion of Being X The Notion of Objectivity XI Method in Metaphysics XII Development XIII Truth and Interpretation XIV The Problem of Liberation XV Knowledge of God XVI The Problem of Evil and Its Solution XVII Self-Appropriation Pt. 2 From Insight to Method in Theology I A Definition of Art II Openness and Religious Experience III Cognitional Structure IV Dimensions of Meaning V The Future of Thomism VI Theology in Its New Context VII The Subject VIII Pluralism, Classicism, and Relativism Pt. 3 Method in Theology: Selections I Transcendental Method II The Human Good III Realms of Meaning IV Religion V Functional Specialties VI History and Historical Method VII Dialectic VIII Foundations Pt. 4 Late Writings I Static and Dynamic Viewpoints II Dialectic of Authority III Social Alienation and the Second Enlightenment IV Healing and Creating in History V Praxis VI Natural Right and Historical Mindedness VII The Degrees of Self-Transcendence Chronology Bibliography Index REVIEWS'This well-planned reader, put together by two highly respected Lonergan scholars, will render a great service in making accessible to a much wider audience the richly seminal ideas of a great contemporary Jesuit thinker, both philosopher and theologian, whose thought has for too long been easily accessible only to a limited circle of scholars and disciples. The skillful condensation of his central work, Insight, from an intimidating 750 pages to 250 is especially welcome.'-W. W. Norris Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University'Bernard Lonergan is recognized as one of the leading philosophers and theologians that North America has produced in this century. But his writings have been accessible primarily to specialists or to those intrepid souls who work their way through Insight. At last we have a collection that makes available to a broader public not only the core arguments of his masterworks, Insight and Method in Theology, but a judicious selection of intervening and subsequent texts as well. There has long been a need of such an anthology. The Lonergan Reader meets that need superbly. This is an ideal introduction to and survey of his thought.'-Thomas R. Flynn, Professor of Philosophy, Emory University
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