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God, Time and Knowledge (William Hasker) Paperback Book, (Cornell University Press, 1998) 9780801485459
God, Time and Knowledge (William Hasker) Paperback Book, (Cornell University Press, 1998) 9780801485459
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Title: God, Time and Knowledge

Author: Hasker, William

Publisher: Cornell University Press; Publication Date: 1998

Paperback; ISBN: 9780801485459

Volumes: 1; Pages: 240

List Price in Paper: $22.95 Our price: $22.95

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Reviews"This outstanding book ... is a genuinely pivotal contribution to the lively current debate over divine foreknowledge and human freedom. ... Hasker's book has three commendable features worthy of immediate note. First, it contains a carefully crafted overview of the recent literature on foreknowledge and freedom and so can serve as an excellent introduction to that literature. Second, it is tightly reasoned and brimming with brisk arguments, many of them highly original. Third, it correctly situates the philosophical dispute over foreknowledge and freedom within its proper theological context and in so doing highlights the intimate connection between the doctrines of divine omniscience and divine providence."--Faith and Philosophy"[God, Time, and Knowledge] is an elegantly written, forcefully argued challenge to traditional views, and a major contribution to the discussion of divine foreknowledge."--Philosophical Review"This is a very competent, thorough analysis of the conflict between free will and divine foreknowledge (or, on some acounts, timeless divine knowledge of our future). It is exceptionally clear."--Theological Book Review
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