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Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews (Peter Ochs) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 2011) 9780801039409
Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews (Peter Ochs) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 2011) 9780801039409
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Title: Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews

Author: Ochs, Peter

Publisher: Baker Academic; Publication Date: 2011

Paperback; ISBN: 9780801039409

Volumes: 1; Pages: 304

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Jewish theologian Peter Ochs argues that a significant and expanding movement in recent Christian theology offers a way for Christians to rededicate themselves to the gospel message and to classical, patristic doctrines of the church without revisiting classical claims that, with the coming of Christ, God has replaced his love of the Jewish people with his love of the church. Ochs examines the christologies and pneumatologies of leading postliberal theologians George Lindbeck, Robert Jenson, Stanley Hauerwas, John Howard Yoder, Daniel Hardy, and David Ford, who argue in their work that God's love of Christ and the church does not replace his love of Israel and the Jews. Another Reformation not only provides a detailed study of the movement of recent postliberal Christian theology in the United States and the United Kingdom but also offers stimulating Jewish-Christian theological exchange. Ochs's realization that some Christian thinkers retain a place for the people of Israel opens up the possibility of new understanding and deepens the Jewish-Christian dialogue.Contents 1. Introduction: Christian Postliberalism and the JewsPart 1: American Protestant Postliberalism2. George Lindbeck and the Church as Israel3. Robert Jenson: The God of Israel and the Fruits of Trinitarian Theology4. Arguing for Christ: Stanley Hauerwas's Theopractic Reasoning5. The Limits of Postliberalism: John Howard Yoder's American Mennonite ChurchPart 2: British Postliberalism6. Finding Christ in World and Polity: Daniel Hardy's Ecclesiological Postliberalism7. Wisdom's Cry: David Ford's Reparative Pneumatology8. John Milbank: Supersessionist or Christian Theo-semiotician and Pragmatist?9. Conclusion: Christian Postliberalism and Christian Nonsupersessionism Are Correlative
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