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Melanchthon in Europe: His Work and Influence beyond Wittenberg (Karin Maag) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 1999) 9780801022234
Melanchthon in Europe: His Work and Influence beyond Wittenberg (Karin Maag) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 1999) 9780801022234
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Title: Melanchthon in Europe: His Work and Influence beyond Wittenberg

Author: Maag, Karin

Publisher: Baker Academic; Publication Date: 1999

Paperback; ISBN: 9780801022234

Volumes: 1; Pages: 192

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Despite their important roles in the development of their respective branches of the Protestant church, the second-generation Reformers have generally not received their historical due. Philip Melanchthon, Theodore Beza, and Heinrich Bullinger were the close associates and direct successors of Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli, yet historians and theologians have largely devoted their research to the teachings and writings of the latter.In his day, Melanchthon was often misunderstood and criticized by followers of Martin Luther as well as by Reformers in other countries. As a moderate who often sought to find a mediating position between conflicting points of view and who refused to be drawn into disputes over matters of secondary concern, he found his principles and character repeatedly challenged by critics on several sides. But he also influenced many outside of his own German Lutheran circles and had an impact that transcended national boundaries.The essays brought together in this volume focus on Melanchthon's far-reaching influence. Perhaps no other Reformer in the sixteenth century can claim to have moved as far as he beyond the boundaries of their respective churches. The authors who contribute to this volume, including Timothy Wengert, Lyle Bierma, Richard Muller, and John Schneider, look particularly on this aspect of Melanchthon's work. In a similar and related manner, several of the essayists consider the lasting impact of his classical humanist education, which allowed him to bridge the divide between the Renaissance and the Reformation.This volume grew out of a conference, sponsored by the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies. The scholars gathered there, on the 500th anniversary of Melanchthon's birth, were particularly concerned to reassess the place and importance of Melanchthon's contributions to the theology of the Reformation.These essays, while of particular interest to students of the Reformation and Lutheran church history, will surely open up Melanchthon's theology to a wider audience for the first time. An accessible investigation of his thought and its influence on the Reformation is long overdue, and the reader will find this volume richly rewarding. This collection is published as part of Baker's series, Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought.Table of ContentsSeries Preface Preface Notes on Contributors Abbreviations Introduction "We Will Feast Together in Heaven Forever": The Epistolary Friendship of John Calvin and Philip Melanchthon Wary Allies: Melanchthon and the Swiss Reformers Melanchthon's Reception in Basle Melanchthon As a Humanist and a Reformer What Hath Wittenberg to do with Heidelberg? Philip Melanchthon and the Heidelberg Catechism Ordo Docendi: Melanchthon and the Organization of Calvin's Institutes, 1536-1543 Melanchthon's Rhetoric As a Context for Understanding His Theology Melanchthon between Renaissance and Reformation: from Exegesis to Political Action Bibliography Index
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