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Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament (John D Currid) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 1997) 9780801021374
Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament (John D Currid) Paperback Book, (Baker Academic, 1997) 9780801021374
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Title: Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament

Author: Currid, John D

Publisher: Baker Academic; Publication Date: 1997

Paperback; ISBN: 9780801021374

Volumes: 1; Pages: 272

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Foreword by Kenneth A. KitchenThe role of Egypt in the Old Testament, particularly the Pentateuch, is a significant one. John Currid's in-depth study of that role sheds valuable light on this important aspect of Israel's history and Scriptures.Currid observes that more biblical scholars today are returning to the study of Egypt and its texts. 3My hope,3 he writes, 3is that this volume will add to the growing interest in and understanding of the Egyptian connections with the Old Testament.3After surveying the scholarly interest in Egypt and the Bible and highlighting the uniqueness of the Hebrew worldview, Currid proceeds through the Old Testament canonically, showing Egyptian influences throughout. He explores the creation story, Joseph narrative, Serpent confrontation, ten plagues, route of the Exodus, Solomon's contacts with Egypt, the relationship of Hebrew poetry to Egyptian wisdom literature, and the links between Hebrew prophecy and Egyptian magic and soothsaying. The result is an enlightening guide to Egyptian influences on Israelite history.This valuable study offers the most up-to-date information on archaeological discoveries and includes Currid's original translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Photographs, indexes, and a bibliography enhance the study.Kenneth Kitchen writes in the foreword: 3In the increasingly erratic world of Old Testament studies, where there is still too often a stubborn refusal to pay proper attention to the firm factual framework of reference that the ancient Near Eastern world offers us in assessing the nature and worth of the biblical writings, Currid's well-documented book is a breath of fresh air and represents a valuable contribution.3Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament will serve as a text in courses on archaeology and the Old Testament, Old Testament history, and Old Testament backgrounds.
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